Business Focus Magazine is a leading global business magazine directed at high-level executives.
The primary objective of Business Focus Magazine is to provide quality coverage of truly inspiring companies that have achieved the highest standard in their field of expertise.

With a core readership of directors and C-level executives across the worldwide business spectrum, we make sure your exposure is to the people you want to be seen by.


Part of the CEO Media Group, Business Focus Magazine is a printed and digital product which is published monthly and provides its readers with a wealth of articles discussing business strategy, expert opinion, analysis, corporate case studies, emerging trends, leadership, growth opportunities, and challenges facing our country’s foremost business leaders. With focuses on Business news and industry sectors, Business Focus Magazine explores how businesses can improve the way they manage their operations, staff, technology, and supply chains to create a more profitable and successful business. By sitting down with Founders, Directors, CEOs and Managers, we are able to bring the stories of their success to you. Business Focus Magazine also delivers an impressive lifestyle section, which pays specific attention to the executive lifestyle through in-depth coverage of everything from sport and luxury cars to gadgets, dining out, and travel. We understand that everyone needs time away from their business, and this is one of our more popular sections.
Widely regarded by many as a leading senior management publication, Business Focus Magazine’s quality of design and print is unrivalled.

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Our talented team of researchers and editors have exceptional skills in providing true insights into a business through detailed research and structured interviews.
This focused approach gives us a fair and subjective coverage of the companies we feature and a detailed insight into the ingredients that make their business successful. We look at all facets of their business including strategy, customer focus, sustainability and supply chain management right through to exploring their current projects and product service offerings.

• An in-depth interview with one of our professional editors
• An exceptionally designed article which features in both our print and digital magazine editions
• Your article made into a stand-alone corporate brochure to be used for promotional purposes


Business Focus Magazine and its sister publications enjoy an audience of C-level executives from a wide range of industries based all around the world.
Brands such as DHL, Canon, Epson and Total have all advertised with us to communicate with that audience. If you would like to reach this potential market, please get in touch with our sales enquiries department to discuss which of our platforms you would like to advertise through.