Cirtek Electronics Corp. – Powering Progress

The Cirtek Group harnesses three decades of expertise in the assembly and testing segment of the semiconductor sector, withstanding the challenges of the past two years and looking at new opportunities in emerging sectors.

Philippines-located Cirtek Electronics Corp. (CEC) is an independent complete solution provider for subcontract manufacturing of semiconductor devices and provides a broad range of assembly and testing services for various product applications and industries.

Its primary product, semiconductors, also known as chips, are found in a multitude of devices from electric vehicles, computers, smartphones, medical equipment, and household appliances and with increasing digitisation, their role in our everyday lives will increase.

“Considering the fact that the main foundation of evolution is the technology that enables man to innovate and reach further, we contribute to this transformative process through every technological device we build and manufacture,” says Brian Liu, the group CEO.

He explains that Cirtek is somewhat bespoke by nature and can execute in areas when others may find it difficult or impossible to do so. The reason for this is the agility and nimbleness brought about by the group’s vertical integration – this setup allows Cirtek to engage in multiple segments in the technology industry such as RF & communications, power management, aerospace, industrial, protection devices, automotive, and systems-on-a-chip.

Standing Strong

Established in 1984 by Filipino-Taiwanese businessman and entrepreneur Jerry Liu, the business has undergone major expansion over the last few decades. In the early 2020s, the founder’s son Brian assumed the role of group CEO, facing the task of leading the company through the pandemic, and navigating the group out of choppy waters; both tasks he accomplished with flying colours, with the company ready to explore new frontiers, as well as tackle new challenges in today’s modern world.

The unique setup of Cirtek’s production lines provides the group with great agility allowing it to pivot into key growth segments with high demand during unique economic conditions such as the pandemic. This has enabled Cirtek to capitalise on positive trending products in terms of volume and profitability, thereby intelligently using its internal capacity and capability to satisfy these key growth sectors.

Mr Liu admits that the pandemic, followed by inflationary pressures and increasing prices of energy as well as commodities, further accentuated by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, have brought multiple obstacles threatening the company but the challenge has been managed.

“Having key relations with business partners and solutions providers have enabled Cirtek to stay agile in times of logistics bottlenecks. By having multiple alternative suppliers, we were able to ensure the availability of raw materials in time for our production builds, allowing Cirtek to continuously meet client demand during these challenging times.”

“There are certain designs and specifications that are unique to every clientele, making it custom and bespoke by nature, contrary to something that is “off the shelf.” Being able to dabble in unique sectors and spaces gives Cirtek a unique diversity allowing us to exhibit resilience during turbulent times, and likewise attracting top clientele from the industry.”

This ability has served the company very well – despite the volatility in the semiconductor industry worldwide, the company has grown continuously with a compounded annual growth rate of 25% in volume produced over the past 10 years.

Positive Work Environment

With Cirtek’s culture of maintaining a highly diversified technological base and client portfolio, the company is able to pivot into attractive segments in the market brought about by the sustainable demand derived from a wide-spanning customer base. Still, the ability to meet this demand depends on an important factor – the workforce.

“We at Cirtek focus on establishing a harmonious culture in the workspace to promote an environment where even the most timid and introverted individual can have the chance to shine. We avoid the setup of a politicized workspace as this inhibits the identification of true talent.”

“I also focus on establishing a level playing field, opening up opportunities for all individuals to participate regardless of their level, allowing all to contribute and demonstrate their talents and capabilities without discrimination.”

He stated that this approach fosters talent internally as well as helps to draw in talent from the outside, making it easy to assimilate new capabilities to complement the existing talent portfolio. “When you have established a conducive work environment, this is when you can truly become an enabler,” he noted.

It is not just the well-being of its own employees that is promoted, the company strives to help enhance the external environment as well. Cirtek has implemented various CSR activities including tree planting projects and various charitable initiatives including helping people with disabilities secure jobs, education, and proper healthcare.

The company has also moved to raw materials that are green-certified to make products that are environmentally safe when being produced and after completion and has implemented a range of environmental measures in its production facilities including the installation of a water treatment system and utilisation of solar power to reduce its carbon footprint.

Ready for Emerging Segments

Over the nearly three decades, Cirtek has evolved into a dynamic company that has both intellectual design capability, as well as the internal manufacturing backbone to fulfil its vision – become a leading Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) partner, as well as developing its own products through Cirtek’s own designs. This dynamic approach allows Cirtek to stay resilient through various economic conditions.

Speaking about the future, Mr Liu affirmed that the company will grow in line with technological development. “The very pillar that comprises technology and innovation is none other than the semiconductors that power it. By having exposure in this key industry, we believe Cirtek can experience sustainable growth.” He himself has significantly expanded the client base of the group and aims to continue doing so in order to further the company’s growth.

He also noted that the company will keep an open mind in order to possibly further diversify its client base and open up new markets to focus on, such as satellite communication-related devices and electric vehicle-related chipsets. Sensors are likewise a key segment; boasting a multitude of applications and having a high potential for growth, Mr Liu has positioned strategic exposure for Cirtek to engage in this area as well.

In line with these prospects, Cirtek is set to upgrade its internal talents and capabilities to match these growing sectors. “Expansion of existing facilities, as well as assimilation of new technologies to complement our existing product portfolio, will all serve well for Cirtek’s journey ahead,” concluded Mr Liu.

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