Pearl Polyurethane Systems – The Future Is Polyurethane

Pearl Polyurethane Systems, a provider of sustainable and durable polyurethane-based solutions, is looking to increase its global footprint.

Specialising in tailor-made polyurethane systems, Pearl Polyurethane Systems is an award-winning innovator as well as the largest system house in the Middle East and Africa, serving a range of clients both regionally and globally from its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Drawing on its expertise of 35 years in the design, production and customization of polyurethane systems, on independent raw material supply chains and an experienced and dedicated team of experts, the company’s mission is to guide its clients throughout the entire value chain – from the first consultation through to ongoing support.

Why Polyurethanes?

Martin Kruczinna, CEO of Pearl, explains that polyurethanes play an important role in today’s world, and help to combat climate change & global warming. “Rigid polyurethane foams deliver trem-endous energy savings & reduce CO₂ emissions,” he points out.

Polyurethanes are increasingly important in the construction sector, for example. Of all conventional insulating materials, polyurethanes offer the highest insulation performance while being mechanically durable, moisture-resistant, temperature-resistant, and chemically stable. Viewed over their entire life cycle, polyurethanes display an excellent energy balance.

Pearl’s customised solutions have been used in a number of iconic construction projects throughout the UAE and Middle East. Prime examples include the German Pavilion designed for Expo 2020 in Dubai, where advanced metal sandwich panel insulation containing polyisocyanurate rigid foam cores formulated and supplied by Pearl Polyurethane Systems was used.

The importance of polyure-thanes, however, far outreaches the construction industry, Mr Kruczinna points out.” Besides well-established applications like sandwich panels, insulation boards, pipe insulation and appliances available as part of our EcoPearl product line, Pearl Polyurethane has been working successfully on diversifying its product portfolio. As polyurethane is an extremely versatile material, there is a vast number of applications for which polyurethane-based solutions are the preferred option.”

Driving Forward With Passion

Pearl draws on decades of industry experience as part of the Bayer group: “Our key selling point and competitive advantage, is our ability to merge the state-of-the-art research and know-how linked to our legacy with the competence to customise to local requirements, taking into account legislative, economic, customer-specific, and even climate-related factors. This is what has made us the market-leading system house in the Middle East and Africa,” says Mr Kruczinna.

He points out that the company has defined an ambitious growth plan, based on expansion beyond Pearl’s previous home markets as well as into non-insulation applications.

Diversity is an important topic, not only in terms of the product range but also internally, says Mr Kruczinna, pointing out that in the very male-dominated chemical industry, especially in the Middle East, all Pearl’s new hires in 2021 were female.

“Diversity has benefited the company greatly, and Pearl is set to develop further based on its newly defined set of values: ownership, accountability, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion.

We want people to feel that it is their company, we want them to embrace the challenge, accept accountability and be ready to seize opportunities when they present themselves.”

“Passion for the business is reflected in its performance. We are on track towards achieving double digit growth despite the challenging times. Next year, the growth figures will not be any lower, with plans to build an additional production site in Saudi Arabia.”

Technological Leadership

“The USP enabling the realisation of Pearl’s growth strategy is our positioning as technology leader, with our research and development department and our technical service making the difference.” states Kruczinna. “The award winning “low-lambda system” – helping our customers to produce sandwich metal panels with extremely good thermal insulating capabilities—and the offering of sustainable solutions such as carbon neutral Isocyanates are only two of many firsts in the region.”

Following the introduction of the ground-breaking new low-lambda insulation product, Pearl has rebranded its entire series of polyurethane systems for insulation applications to EcoPearl. The series covers a broad range of applications ranging from metal sandwich panels and pre-insulated pipes to spray foam insulation for commercial and residential properties as well as other insulation applications such as appliances and water heaters, all of which can be modified by Pearl Polyurethane to specific end-user needs.

The company’s technological leadership was recognised when Pearl’s R&D collected the award for Innovative Insulation Project of The Year at the Construction Innovation Awards 2021 organised by Construction Business News Middle East.

“Winning this award is an important part of Pearl’s mission to raise awareness of sustainability issues and the improved energy saving benefits of polyurethane-based insulation panels as part of a regional and global solution to reduce energy for heating and cooling purposes,” says Mr Kruczinna.

Change Agent in the Fight Against Global Warming

Sustainability continues to be central to the company’s R&D, he affirms. “Polyurethane Systems consist of an Isocyanate-component (MDI for rigid foam applications) and a Polyol formulation,” he explains.

“The carbon-neutral MDI for which we have partnered with Covestro and are offering as the first company in the region is called “mass-balanced MDI”, as the renewable raw material used for this is added to the petroleum-based raw material in the MDI production process.”

“Our products based on carbon-neutral MDI help our customers to achieve their emission reduction targets.” For its eco-friendly material, the company last year received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC).

Given the overall market developments, Pearl seems to be in a good place. The company has now three production sites in the UAE and is planning on opening up its next production facility in Saudi Arabia by the beginning of next year.

“The overall mega trends are favouring our kind of business. With energy costs increasing and governments defining their climate targets, our products are set to be in demand. We have the added advantage of being located in the Middle East with access to raw materials, at a hinge location between Asia and Europe, so we are in a perfect position to produce securely at an affordable cost,” Mr Kruczinna concludes.

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