Milaha – Pioneering Logistics

Milaha has always been a step ahead of the industry, so we asked them about where the marine and logistics sector is going next.

Milaha has always been ground-breaking. It was founded in 1957 as the first shipping agent in Qatar, a fact commemorated in the company’s commercial registration number: One. From this beginning, Milaha has continued to be a pioneer across the local and regional maritime industry. It has made a name for itself as a company that constantly challenges the status quo, growing into a large, diversified holding company with core interests in maritime transport, logistics, port management, and marine offshore services.

It is an attitude that is much in need during a time when the status quo seems to be constantly shifting. As supply chains become increasingly complex, Milaha has shown the ability to unlock synergies and drive success across five strategic business pillars, ensuring every requirement of its clients and partners is satisfied, and every expectation is exceeded.

Milaha is known as a company with an unwavering commitment to safety and quality, backed by financial and organisational strength, a diverse portfolio of offerings; and, most importantly, a dedicated team.

But as global supply chains are undergoing era-defining changes, Milaha itself is preparing to embark on the next phase of its vision to be the partner of choice for the maritime logistics sector.

As one brand with a strong portfolio of capabilities and a deep commitment to shared values and business objectives, Milaha aims to bring synchronised solutions to mobilise business.

“We are considered to be one of the largest maritime and logistics service providers and the main contributor to Qatar’s economic growth,” explains Milaha’s interim President and CEO, Mohammed Abdulla Swidan. “We are focussing our plans on the supply chain, O&G services and marine services while supporting the shipping and logistics’ increasing demand through maintaining a sustainable supply chain, establishing new trade routes, and securing alternate sources.”

These plans will be sustained by Milaha’s integrated services and state-of-the-art facilities, from shipping, logistics, and supply chain solutions to global freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution services.

A Valuable Partner

“The other main focus in our future business plan is to continue to expand our service offering in our home market, Qatar,” Swidan tells us. “We will find new capabilities development to add more value for our clients. We will also be expanding our footprint in the region, leveraging the strength of our existing capabilities. The outcome of the expansion is that we want to be more resilient, more sustainable, and even more competitive than we already are.”

Milaha will achieve its goals by embracing digital tools and embedding digital thinking in the organisation while paying greater attention to ESG requirements and making the business more sustainable. Milaha’s pioneering track record will continue as it leverages innovative and solutions-oriented thinking to become not just service providers, but trusted partners of its clients.

Milaha’s partners will benefit from the company’s client commitment to delivering what it promises, drawing on a breadth of capabilities across the group that it can tap into to address almost any requirement.

In planning its future growth, Milaha will be targeting three primary market segments. The first of these is the oil and gas market sector, including NOCs, IOCs, EPC, and Oilfield Services Providers. Milaha also serves commercial and industrial businesses with extensive supply chain solution requirements which Milaha is well positioned to provide. Finally, Milaha has proven itself to be a valuable ally to marine vessel owners and operators.

Milaha works with these customers alongside local communities, and the company takes its social responsibility to those communities seriously.

One of our main objectives is to work closely with the local community and focus on social responsibility,” Swidan insists. “We support local suppliers in different ways: firstly, through the effective services and solutions we offer, and secondly, through establishing strategical partnerships that help enhance and expand our range of services.”

State of the Art

To prepare Milaha for this bold new phase in the company’s growth, the company is making use of the latest available technology.

“We believe that digital transformation is the main driver of business development. It increases efficiency and improves innovation, decision making, the customer experience, and engagement,” Swidan tells us. “Milaha’s commitment to investing in technology and digitalization includes significant upgrades to our platforms, systems, and digital tools, enhancing connectivity, mobility, and efficiency.”

Moving forward, Milaha is working on building more innovative solutions for customers using existing technology. Its people have experimented with ahead-of-the-curve innovations such as drone-based survey work, remote subsea inspections, and dynamic pricing for services.

“We are willing to use the technology to solve customer problems, provide a more seamless and friendly experience, as well as more insight to customers,” Swidan points out.

The Complete Package

Today Milaha offers engineering services for oil & gas and industrial clients alongside a one-stop shop for marine services throughout the life cycle of a vessel from construction through operations and retirement.

It is an exciting place to be doing business, as Swidan points out.

“The Marine and Logistics Sector is considered one of the most dynamic business sectors in Qatar, playing a major role in accelerating the pace of the country’s economic growth and sustainable development through increasing its contribution to the national GDP,” Swidan says. “The freight and logistics sector in Qatar has been growing steadily over the past five years, with an estimated market value of more than USD 7.5 billion, and is expected to register an annual growth rate of more than 7% during the 2021–2026 period, supported by the government’s ambitious plans to develop the economy.”

Milaha has also been paying attention to the ways the warehousing market is acting as a key contributor to the logistics industry in Qatar, particularly the retail and FMCG sectors, while advanced warehousing facilities have recently gained a powerful boost driven by the global growth of the E-commerce sector.

“With this in mind, Milaha Logistics City emerges as an integrated centre for freight logistics, warehousing facilities, and business solutions for start-up entrepreneurs and SMEs,” Swidan says. “Milaha Logistics City offers diversified solutions that cater to various customers’ needs in the areas of shipping, storage, and re-export. The state-of-the-art bonded warehouse of Milaha Logistics City offers comprehensive services with zero-duty upfront to support global trade and E-commerce while enhancing business efficiency and profitability.”

Once again, Milaha is set to be at the vanguard of a rapidly evolving, and growing economy.

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