Sisram Medical – Wellness Beyond Boundaries

Sisram Medical is embracing and promoting a changing healthcare market.

Sisram Medical is a global consumer wellness group deeply rooted in the global medical aesthetics industry for over two decades, specialising in harnessing natural energy sources for the treatment of aesthetics as well as medical clinical indications.

Sisram Medical is led by Chief Executive Officer Lior Dayan, with global operations led by Chief Operations Officer, Ran Ezioni. The company and its subsidiaries form an eco-system, bound through various synergies with their joint parent company, the Chinese firm, Fuson Pharma.

Sisram MedicalThat eco-system consists of the Alma brand, a global leader in the Medical Aesthetics Industry with EBD (Energy Based Device) treatments and products with a wide-ranging global footprint. Alma’s products make use of five energy sources- laser, light, ultrasound, radiofrequency and plasma, and the company has made over 30,000 installations. Alma is joined by Sisram’s new personal care division with its “Home Use Device” or HUD, called LMNT. This product has been just recently launched in mainland China and Italy. At the same time, Sisram is pioneering a new Aesthetics and Digital Dentistry division with two leading brands Copulla and Foshion Dental, as well as moving into injectables.

The company boasts digitalised entities which allow for a strong synergy between the different units of the business. It enables the use of a combination of different databases to grow each individual business unit non-organically. Sisram Medical is a one-stop-shop which offers the full range of solutions for medical professionals through a strong, established brand. Its offering covers a wide range of well-being aspects across the board – from aesthetics to sexual wellness, dentistry, and more.

An Expanding Range

With over two decades in the global medical aesthetics industry, Alma Lasers and Sisram Medical are well placed to meet this demand, specializing in harnessing natural energy sources for the treatment of aesthetics as well as medical clinical indications. Sisram’s products and services are featured in the leading surgical, medical and beauty clinics around the world, treating dozens of millions of consumers worldwide.

As Ezioni points out, “Our vast products and treatments portfolio is constantly expanding, ranging from hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne and acne scars, body & face contouring, pigmentation & skin resurfacing, fat grafting, dermal facial fillers, skin tissue remodelling, injectables, personal care, aesthetics, digital dentistry and more.”

With over 800 employees, nine direct channels and over 100 global distributors, Sisram Medical’s well-diversified and balanced geographic sales coverage has led to revenues of $294.3 million in 2021, with impressive 81.4% growth year-on-year. That includes an overall net profit of $32.5 million, with 121% year-on-year growth from 2020. This is all thanks to the unique ecosystem Sisram provides. During H1’2022 Sisram Medical presented revenue growth of 39.3% vs H1’2021 with significant growth in all geographical regions, and adjusted net profit for H1’2022 was $24.9 million, increased by 27.5% as compared to H1’2021.

“We have a strong combination with our ecosystem, our strong background in clinical research, patents, FDA clearances and global regulation,” Ezioni tells us. “We adhere to all the required regulations, from a quality point of view and a customer point of view, which is also a barrier that low-cost companies cannot meet, especially these days as regulations become more robust. We offer not only the system but clinical training and service.”

With a strong combination of customer-focused company and innovative technology developer,  Sisram Medical is a global leading company with robust academic and clinical research knowledge. Sisram itself boasts 51 technological patents.

But across Sisram Medical, Ezioni’s top priority remains the company’s people.

“‘People first’ is one of our top values,” Ezioni tells us. “It is not just a phrase. It is in our DNA to have open, transparent communication with our manager level, the production team, and team leaders on the ground.”

Strong Demand

And the company’s services are more in need than ever. In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, as remote-working, Teams meetings and Zoom calls continue to be the norm, we are all spending more time than ever before looking at our own faces.

“Post-covid, when everyone is sitting in front of screens, you see the wrinkles, you see some spots, and now there’s good technology available to improve that,” Ezioni tells us.

As demand increases, Sisram Medical has deployed an agile operational organization to perform a massive production ramp-up, even as global supply chains are often behind plan.

“We are ramping up during the toughest time in global supply chain management,” says Ezioni. “We are asking how we can mitigate that to satisfy the customer.”

With ongoing supply chain interruption since 2020, raw material lead times are growing rapidly, especially in the electronic components segment of the industry.

“We’re talking about a system with a lot of electronics hardware, software, mechanical, cooling system, optics, lasers and multi-disciplinary technologies,” Ezioni emphasises. “As an assembly company, you need all of them to make one system. It’s commonly known that ‘It takes thousands of parts to build a car, But only one not to’ – it’s the same for complicated medical devices.”

To achieve the necessary ramp-up, Ezioni is taking a wide approach to expanding production capacity in-house and through subcontractors. Such a massive ramp-up drives additional LEAN manufacturing projects. Two years ago, Alma moved into a new modern Campus to support capacity extension as well as process improvements and operational efficiency.

Ezioni is also Six Sigma blackbelt certified, which is a strong quality and process orientated background from the ASQ, American Society for Quality. “With that record and the lean manufacturing methods we are applying we can open more bottlenecks in our production to improve capacity,” Ezioni says.

Among the measures taken, vendors must verify they have material ahead of time, which is not always easy.

“Too often I face last meeting de-commit alerts from vendors that failed to meet the required delivery plan, but having a professional and experienced staff on board allows our operations the required flexibility to mitigate unexpected supply chain disruptions,” Ezioni says.

The company has established a cross-functional task force to carefully seek, check and validate alternative items where applicable to support production lines.

“Being a global leader in the premium medical aesthetic device market, we set the highest bar for quality assurance,” Ezioni reminds us.

The Laser’s Edge

A fundamental ingredient in Sisram’s offering has always been its cutting-edge research and development programs, even during the pandemic.

“Keeping our innovative Research and Development projects on track during Covid-19, and successfully launching new technologies and products, has been a major challenge,” Ezioni says. “We kept production and deliveries running even during toughest times of lockdown, as a medical provider.”

Despite the global challenges of Covid, a strategic decision was taken to keep the company’s innovative projects up and running as expected of a leading company in aesthetic global markets. The company accomplished new product introduction programs and has launched two high-end applications and products, the Alma Hybrid and Alma PrimeX.

It is a track record Ezioni has every intention to build on. Sisram Medical will continue to launch new innovative services, medical applications, and premium products to meet its customers’ expectations, with more systems ready to be implemented over the coming years.

“We want to get closer to consumers and customers,” Ezioni tells us. “We are making progress with selective shifting from distribution channels with business partners to operating more local direct sales and services. We have shifted from 70% of our business coming through distributors, to around 65% of our business being direct sales.”











             Ran Ezioni, COO        &      Lior Dayan, CEO of Sisram Medical

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