Fine Hygienic Holding – Life-Changing Products

We learn how Fine Hygienic Holding has been weathering the challenges of last year while introducing life-changing products to market.

Fine Hygienic Holding is a company with a long, proud, and storied history dating back to 1958. The company was founded by a Palestinian refugee exiled to Jordan with only a dollar to his name. He began trading in paper, building a reputation for quality that would see the brand become the biggest consumer paper company in the region with an impressive portfolio of premium products.

However, paper would not prove to be the company’s final destination. Over time, Fine Hygienic Holding launched off from its tissue paper line into becoming a wellness company, making products that improve the health of its consumers.

Of course, over the year since we last spoke with Fine Hygienic Holding, there has been no shortage of demand for wellness.

“Overall, last year has been good, but had its ups and downs, as everyone has in the Covid-era,” reflects James Michael Lafferty, the company’s CEO. “The impact of the pandemic on the consumer, on our organisation, has left a lasting impact. People have been losing jobs, putting all their purchases under a microscope. Mental health has become a huge focus, particularly after everything that happened in the Olympic games. It is bringing attention to something that was previously taboo. Everything is gradually improving but we saw entire sectors of our business shut down- airlines, hotels, restaurants.”

Fortunately, Fine Hygienic Holding is no stranger to adapting to new times, and it has risen to meet the challenges of the last year.

“You manage costs. You have to deal with it. You lose a hotel; you find other sources of business. You keep an eye on cost management,” Lafferty explains. “We handled it all in a very straightforward way. There are lots of different angles to come at it, but it will always come down to costs and new avenues of revenue, new markets, different ways to increase our revenue stream.”

Indeed, Fine Hygienic Holding has been looking to expand its geographic footprint globally, entering new markets in Europe and Africa while being on the lookout for potential new business partners. The brand is expanding both across new commercial categories, and geographically.

However, as much as the company’s business performance has been admirable, when we talk to Lafferty it is clear that this is not what he is most excited about.

“Our biggest achievements have been in launching some breakthrough wellness products, including our Fine Guard line of disinfectant products that will disinfect your hands for 24 hours after only one application, versus a conventional disinfectant. Continuous 24-hour protection,” Lafferty says. “It’s amazing stuff. We’re negotiating to spray footballs to keep them germ-free throughout the match. They will stay completely 99% germ-free throughout the game.”

As well as helping prevent the spread of disease, a hot button issue the world over, Fine Hygienic Holding is also releasing products that will directly impact and improve people’s quality of life.

“We are offering a range of supplements based on state-of-the-art research and technology including the Motiva Neuro Booster, the only product clinically proven, peer-reviewed supplement proven to reverse the deterioration and improve the cognition of Alzheimer’s patients,” Lafferty says.

The Motiva Neuro Booster is a powerful combination of six food elements uncommon or even missing from the modern diet, including the potent acemannan from aloe vera. With this unique blend of 100% natural ingredients, including nutrients, phytochemicals, and polysaccharides, the product has the highest levels of bioavailability and effectiveness.

That effectiveness will make a huge difference to patients and their families.

Lafferty feels he has a personal stake in the good that this product will do, telling us, “It is an incredibly painful disease to watch. I’ve had it in my family. This booster doesn’t bring the patient back to normal, but it improves cognitive function. It is amazing what a good day can do, customers are so pleased to just talk about memories with their dad.”

Approximately 44 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The Neuro Booster is based on research from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine on how certain key nutrients can help the brain.

The study’s findings regarding Alzheimer’s Patients were nothing short of remarkable, demonstrating significant and sustained improvements in cognitive function and inflammatory status and a significant increase in the production of stem cells, which may lead to neuro-regeneration, as well as a correlation between cognitive and immune functioning.

“We offer a range of products that don’t just improve the company’s profits but improve humanity and the world’s health, leaving a positive mark,” Lafferty says proudly.

Open-Source Innovation

Fine Hygienic Holding looks far and wide for research that may inspire the next big breakthrough.

“We believe in open-source innovation. A pandemic doesn’t mean creative people aren’t thinking of new ideas and new technologies,” Lafferty points out. “Fine Guard masks came through Switzerland, our Neuro Booster came from Florida, our Immuno Booster came from Holland. Three products, three countries, three entrepreneurs. There are lots of ideas out there. In any situation in the world today we are open to new ideas regardless of context.”

Fine Hygienic Holding’s role is to take those ideas and turn them into actionable, practical products that have a concrete benefit on the world.

“The big thing is wellness, innovation, bringing products that change the world’s health. We’re very proud of our company,” Lafferty says. “We have the only proven treatment for Alzheimer’s. That is pretty amazing. That clinical study wasn’t in some local journal, it was in the global journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, so it’s a significant finding and very exciting.”

It is work that Lafferty is excited to build upon.

“I foresee continued growth, public listing, and becoming a truly global company,” Lafferty says.

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