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With over 25 years of experience in electrical and mechanical solutions complete with full project management, Ayjay Group offers a turn-key approach to fully align with their customers’ needs.

Ayjay Group are electrical and refrigeration engineering specialists, offering commercial and industrial customers a complete turn-key service, including design, installation, bespoke project management and ongoing maintenance support.

Founded in 1996 by Andrew Hall and Jason Beament, the company has developed outstanding knowledge and experience in electrical engineering, becoming recognised for its ability to deliver projects while maintaining quality, flexibility and efficiency.

“We started with the ethos of delivering excellent service and the business grew steadily,” says company Managing Director Andrew Hall. “We were in a niche business, and it was key for our development and our progression to bring in people who would learn what we knew, and then for us to learn what they knew. To develop this shared knowledge was important in moving forward.”

Andrew affirms that people, their wellbeing and development have always been the basis on which the business was founded; valuing the company’s staff continues to be one of the top priorities, demonstrated in part through re-investment into the employees and infrastructure. “Of course, customers are important but so are the staff. We look after our people, and they look after the business.”

This is reflected in the appointment of the company’s team of Directors, including Simon Beament, who joined the business as installation manager in 2003, progressing to Operations Director in 2008, followed by Craig Price, starting as an electrical apprentice in 2004, leading to Technical Director in 2018. Both have progressed within the company and now help provide leadership to company initiatives and further drive existing and future projects forward.

Craig’s career, in particular, has covered a variety of positions within the company from electrical engineer, project manager and to his current position as company director and shareholder.

“Craig started with us as a teenage apprentice and clearly had an ambition and drive to further his career, and we have supported him to achieve that. He is now contributing to the future direction of the business,” says Andrew.

Valued specialists

Speaking about the company’s core business, he admits that electrical engineering is the basis, but Ayjay is so much more than just an electrical contractor. “Working directly with businesses and indirectly through strategic partners, we provide electrical design, installation and ongoing support through planned and reactive maintenance, offering a complete solution to meet our customers’ needs.”

The company has the capability to deliver turn-key projects, from design conception through to completion, making sure that the customer has a dedicated project management team to ensure a transparent and seamless process. The range of services includes electrical, refrigeration, facility management, lightning/surge protection, data infrastructure and so much more.

With energy efficiency and sustainability becoming ever more important in today’s business planning and policy processes, Ayjay Group strives to offer its clients various energy solutions to help reduce unnecessary costs and lower carbon emissions.

“We offer packages that can be delivered as individual services or provide a complete quality solution. Our clients can take comfort in the knowledge that all our engineers are trained to the highest standard within their chosen disciplines and are led by an experienced team of project managers and directors who themselves are highly qualified electricians and engineers.”

The anniversary

2021 was an important milestone for Ayjay, as the company commemorated its 25th anniversary. A bitter-sweet achievement, says Andrew, sadly not experienced by the Group Managing Director and company co-founder Jason Beament, who built the business from scratch with Andrew, but succumbed to Covid-19 in December 2020.

“On losing Jason, we poured all our emotion and energy into making sure the business continued in the manner it always had despite how hard this loss was. In January we achieved the best results in the company history, and Jason would have been proud,” he says.

“A plaque was installed at Ayjay House and will serve as a reminder of the hard work, dedication and passion Jason instilled in the company and all its employees, and his legacy will remain with us going forward.”

“Jason and I decided some time ago that when we got to our 25th anniversary there would be a great party to celebrate this achievement. Given the circumstances, it was not right to have a party. Instead, the whole team, every one of them, made a conscious decision to celebrate our anniversary by supporting a charitable cause.”

Leading on from that the company officially launched its 12-month charity fundraising campaign, #AyjayChallenge25. This will see Ayjay colleagues raise vital funds for three charities close to the business, and also Jason: the RNLI, St David’s Hospice Care, and The Prince’s Trust.

A group of businesses

Today, Ayjay employ 35 people plus a number of specialised subcontract partners. With the capability to deliver solutions to industries that require specialist knowledge, Ayjay Group has developed two specific business divisions within the group – Ayjay Pharma which specialises in pharmaceutical temperature-controlled installations and Ayjay LSP, a provider of lightning & surge protection applications.

Other businesses within the group include CB Refrigeration Ltd, which provide integrated and bespoke refrigeration and air-conditioning services, and Flexcomm who specialise in network and data cabling solutions.

“Our model is setting up and working with businesses that can help to support us or where we can support them. We are looking at building not only on Ayjay but around it. We are growing organically with apprentices, engineers and staff members but it is not our intention to grow the business to such a level that we start to lose touch with the people who work here,” says Andrew.

He points out that the company is constantly evolving, looking at new technologies in line with developments and changes in the market, such as those affecting future heating systems in homes, where gas boilers are set to be replaced with low carbon heating systems, increasing electrical energy demands and the need for efficient controlling – an area where Ayjay has a proven track record of over a decade.

“Through continuous training and staff development, investment in new technology, ongoing research and promotion of new energy-saving schemes, we are striving to improve our electrical energy services on a continuous basis, to provide the most energy-efficient solution. With the increasing worldwide focus on carbon reduction, it looks like Ayjay will be busy in the years to come,” concludes Andrew.









(L-R) Jason Beament & Andrew Hall, Co-Founders
and Simon Beament, Operations Director, Ayjay Group

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