Molekule Launches in UK to Deliver Clean Indoor Air To Everyone, Everywhere

Molekule, the science company that reinvented air purification with its groundbreaking PECO technology, today announced that its award-winning air purifiers will be available to consumers in the United Kingdom and across Europe directly via Molekule’s website.

Molekule’s mission is to destroy indoor air pollution and provide crisp, clean indoor air at homes, businesses, and beyond. Starting today, Molekule’s best-selling air purifiers, Air Mini+ and Air Pro, will be available for purchase throughout the region.

Molekule was founded in 2014 after 25 years of research and development resulted in its innovative PECO technology, which sits at the core of each and every Molekule purifier. Using PECO, Molekule’s air purifiers not only collect, but also destroy the widest range of tiny pollutants when compared to traditional air purifier technology; breaking down pollutants at molecular levels such as allergens, mould, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Recent research from third-party laboratories show that Molekule destroys Covid-19 virus by over 99% in 1 hour in small chamber and swatch lab tests[1], and inactivates H1N1 flu virus by up to 99.99% in single-pass experiments[2]. Air Mini+ and Air Pro are both cleared by the U.S. FDA for the destruction of bacteria and viruses, and Air Pro is additionally cleared for the destruction of mould.[3]

Many consumers are well aware of the dangers of outdoor air pollution, specifically in metro areas across Europe. According to the European Environment Agency, around 90% of people living in European cities are exposed to pollutant concentrations that are higher than what is deemed harmful to health.[4] What many consumers aren’t aware of is that indoor air can be just as polluted, sometimes even more polluted, than the air we breathe outdoors.[5] Molekule was founded specifically to help address indoor air pollution, giving people more control over the air they breathe in their daily lives.

Jonathan Harris, CEO at Molekule comments: “The air we breathe day in and day out is critical to our overall well-being. Our air purifiers are able to destroy pollutants at microscopic levels – chemicals and particles that we aren’t even able to see – and leave behind cleaner, safer indoor air. We’ve had our sights set on Europe for a long time and our team cannot wait to introduce European customers to the power of PECO technology.”

As a science-based company, Molekule conducts extensive testing of its technology internally as well as with certified third-party laboratories. PECO technology has been independently tested at the Intertek testing laboratory, independent third-party testing laboratory ARE, University of Minnesota and with one of the world’s foremost research laboratories for indoor air quality, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley).

Alongside its revolutionary approach to air purification, Molekule’s human-centred and contemporary design ensures that its products are both beautiful and easy to use. The physical design is beauty in form, material, size and footprint, and its product design considerations are expressed down to the finest detail. Consumers can control their Air Mini+ and Air Pro purifiers and receive status updates on their air purifier’s filters via the Molekule app, on iOS and Android.

Headquartered in the US, Molekule now sells internationally in the UK and Europe as well as Canada, India, Japan and Korea, bringing its unique air purification process to a global market. In the UK and Europe, Molekule is launching its Air Pro and Air Mini+ devices.

[1] 2021 test results demonstrate PECO air purification technology’s success in removing 99.98% of the COVID-19 virus SARS-CoV-2 from the air, and achieving total destruction rates exceeding 99% after one hour. These results are from a multiple pass chamber test and swatch level test, respectively. The multiple pass chamber test utilized an Air Mini device in a small 5.3 cubic-foot chamber with a single injection of aerosolized virus, and the swatch level test used Molekule’s proprietary PECO-Filter media for direct virus application. Testing conducted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Department of Pharmacology & Experimental Neuroscience. No air purifier can prevent transmission of a virus and air purifiers are not a substitute for ventilation. Molekule recommends use of ventilation, PPE & social distancing and following directions of SAGE & other gov’t authorities.  Actual results will depend on the environment and in-room location that the air purifier is placed in and real-world results may be less than those observed in the laboratory tests.

[2] In 2020, the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering and College of Veterinary Medicine tested Molekule’s PECO technology using an Air Mini purifier and its operating flow rate in single-pass efficiency testing with viable viruses in aerosol transmission. Methods developed for the research allowed measurement and characterization of airborne virus detection and inactivation by air purification technologies. For the PECO technology, testing showed near 99.9% removal and total removal rates (virus titer based) approaching 99.99% for influenza A after four hours. Dr. Chris Hogan and Dr. Montserrat Torremorell led this research.

[3] Although the U.S. FDA clearances do not apply specifically to SARS-CoV-2, Molekule’s devices satisfy the criteria established in the U.S. FDA’s non-enforcement guidance for air purifier use in connection with SARS-CoV-2 during the pandemic.  Molekule devices are not intended for medical use in the United Kingdom or Europe and have not been cleared as medical devices in those countries.

[4] “Air Pollution.” European Environment Agency, 23 Nov. 2020,

[5] U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 1987. The total exposure assessment methodology (TEAM) study: Summary and analysis. EPA/600/6-87/002a. Washington, DC.

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