Tesvolt partners with Solarworld Africa

Tesvolt, a manufacturer of battery storage systems for commercial and industrial use, has posted strong growth in the first half of 2021. Alongside high demand for intelligent energy storage systems in Germany, international business is a key engine for growth. Over 40% of Tesvolt’s turnover now comes from international sales. It also plans to enter the North American market next year.

Marked rise in international orders

“Our mission is to bring affordable green energy to every corner of the world,” explains Tesvolt’s Commercial Director, Daniel Hannemann. “We’ve come quite a bit closer to the goal yet again. In addition to our sales activities in Europe, we’ve established new sales partnerships in Latin America and Africa and deepened our partnership in the Australian market. We’ve also noticed the effect of this in the number of international orders, which has risen by 170% when compared to the first half of 2020.”

Market share in Europe and overseas

In Europe, Tesvolt’s market share in the commercial energy storage systems segment is around 20%, with its market share in its core segment of battery storage systems in the 30 kWh to 1 MWh size classes at 49% in Germany alone. Tesvolt has a market share in the double digits in some of its overseas markets as well.

Major renewable energy specialist named sales partner in Africa

For the African market, Tesvolt works with Cape Town-based Solarworld Africa, one of the biggest specialist retailers for high-quality components in the field of renewable energies.

“As the energy infrastructure in Africa varies widely from country to country, our customers’ requirements are also extremely diverse,” says Managing Director of Solarworld Africa, Gregor Küpper. “The storage systems from Tesvolt can fulfil all of these requirements.”

South America: huge market potential for power storage systems

In South America, Tesvolt works together with the project developer Brasal Energia, which is based in Brazil’s capital of Brasília. For the Brazilian market, Tesvolt’s authorised service partner is Ideatek, which is based in the São Paulo area.

“Tesvolt is the technology leader in the commercial storage system market and works together with the premium inverter manufacturer SMA. That generates a lot of trust and puts the company on a good footing in Brazil,” says Ideatek Director Rogerio Mattos. “Power storage systems have huge market potential in Brazil because the electricity for business and industry during the day is five to eight times more expensive than during night-time hours.” Battery storage systems therefore often amortise within just a few years.

Tesvolt has already outfitted over 2,200 projects worldwide with its battery storage systems. Power storage systems from Tesvolt help commercial and industrial companies on every continent reliably draw inexpensive electricity.

About Tesvolt 

Tesvolt specialises in battery storage systems for commerce and industry. The innovative company produces intelligent lithium storage systems with prismatic battery cells from Samsung SDI based on nickel manganese cobalt oxide. Tesvolt manufactures its power storage system solutions in series production at Europe’s first gigafactory for commercial battery storage systems at their Wittenberg site in Germany and delivers them worldwide. The young company with over 100 employees has already received several awards, including the German Entrepreneur Award in the “Rising Stars” category, the “TOP 100” award for innovation and the international award for rural electrification (ARE).


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