Treatt – The Fresh Taste

Treatt, an ingredients manufacturer and solution provider to the global flavour, fragrance & consumer goods markets, is making a transformational move.

UK-based Treatt, established in 1886, is in the process of completing the biggest investment in its history. The company will soon move into its new state-of-the-art premises, a significant milestone reflecting the company’s growth plans.

The new purpose-built headquarters, built to the highest environmental standards, includes offices, manufacturing, logistics and a warehousing facility totalling 10,400m2 in its first phase with provision to expand up to 18,580m2 in a later phase. The factory will be highly digitised with the automation of the entire production process, enabling Treatt to increase productivity, reliability and consistency.

“The new site is worth £41 million, making it the biggest investment in our 130-year history,” affirms Treatt’s CEO Daemmon Reeve. “The relocation will revolutionise every aspect of the business and provide a solid platform for further development. We have always had great products and now we also have great premises. The move gives us an even further increased confidence about the future.”

For each of the last 8 years, Treatt has achieved record profits and the investment reflects the company’s sound market position primarily in North America, the company’s key market, but also in Europe and in China. The new headquarters in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, is not the only investment in recent years. Treatt’s large facility in Florida was significantly extended two years ago, and its representative office in China is set to support business expansion in the Far East.

Genuine authenticity

Treatt is a provider of high-quality natural extracts and ingredients across a range of product categories: citrus, tea, coffee, health & wellness, fruit & vegetables, herbs, spices & florals, and high impact & aroma chemicals. The strongest product group is citrus (50%), providing everything from 100% natural citrus solutions to bespoke blends and price-stable synthetics, strong potential is seen across all the other groups.

Today, Treatt’s ingredients are used in countless food, beverage and personal care products in over 90 countries across the world. The beverage sector is Treatt’s key market, says Mr Reeve. “Our ingredients are present in a wide range of drinks around the world, from alcoholic and non-alcoholic to teas and coffees. The focus is on freshness and authenticity.”

By operating at the cutting edge of sensory innovation, Treatt helps shape its customers’ new product development. Investment in the latest technology ensures consistent product quality and service excellence around the world and reinforces Treatt’s reputation for offering innovative and consistently high-quality products.

“The key for us is our extraction capability. Our expertise helps our customers to differentiate their products in what is a very crowded and competitive marketplace. We provide a point of difference in many beverages globally and our customers are delighted with our ability to bring genuine authenticity to their products,” says Daemmon Reeve.

Company culture

When asked what is behind the company’s strong performance, Mr Reeve is quite clear: “Without a doubt, it is the business culture that has pushed our growth. Our staff are fantastic, we are proud to have a very dedicated team of people. Strategically, we have got a lot of things right as a provider of natural extracts; the executing, the energy and the dedication of staff, these are all the result of a great positive culture that has got us where we are today. I genuinely believe that the company culture is what fuels the business transformation and I’m proud of the team’s efforts I see day by day.”

This company culture has also been an important factor in Treatt’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. “We took the decision not to furlough any UK staff during the crisis, feeling that the scheme was not designed for a business like ours, where we have been able to remain fully operational,” says Mr Reeve. “The health and wellbeing of our staff were our key priority of course, but we were also keen to help our local communities. To this end, we made and supplied hand sanitiser to local care homes, and helped a number of charities.”

He admits that the Covid-19 pandemic has further strengthened the health and wellbeing trends that had already been growing for some time. “We have positioned ourselves as a natural extracts business, with over 70% of our business now coming from natural products, and we are well placed to meet the growing demand for products that are better for consumers and for the planet.”

Healthy prospects

Treatt strives to develop and maintain transparent and stable supply chains across its product portfolio, mitigating risk and providing maximum traceability throughout every stage of the process. Working directly with growers and processors across the world guarantees the finest quality raw materials and standards of production.

The sustainability of raw materials and the need to lessen the environmental footprint is high on Treatt’s agenda. The company participates in the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Florida Project, which is one of the primary global food and drink value-chain initiatives for sustainable agriculture, and is accredited to use the Rainforest Alliance Green Frog certification seal.

“We are a very sustainable business. Not just because we have to as a public company but because it is the right thing to do. Sustainability is important to our staff, it is part of our business thinking; it is one of Treatt’s core values,” affirms Mr Reeve.

In concluding, he points out that in the fast-evolving beverage market clever technical solutions to assist beverage formulations will increasingly be required and that is exactly where Treatt comes in as a science-led manufacturing business. “ As we continue to diversify into new categories, we will maintain our focus on increasing our provision of added-value solutions across our portfolio. The trend for natural, better-for-you, premium, authentic beverages around the world has been growing and that brings in a lot of opportunities. With the new premises and with our great team, we are set to make the most of them.”

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