Jekko – Maximum versatility, endless possibilities

Located in the heart of Italy’s north-eastern industrial region, Jekko is increasing its global market share with its versatile, efficient and green mini cranes.

Jekko, a leading global mini crane manufacturer, is capitalising on more than 45 years of experience in the lifting and handling sector. Formerly part of Ormet, a specialist in truck cranes and loading equipment, the Jekko brand was officially registered in 2007, and the business was eventually divested as an independent company in 2016.

The first mini crane prototype was developed exactly 20 years ago, in 2000, and the innovative and alternative solutions soon generated considerable interest in the market. Today, the company offers cutting-edge lifting solutions, namely mini cranes and articulated crawler cranes on tracks, ideal for operations in restricted spaces.

Jekko exports its products all over the world via a network of more than 35 official dealers. The company is particularly strong in Europe with a new German subsidiary just established to support sales in Europe’s largest market. In line with rising demand, the company has recently expanded its capacity, acquiring an additional plant, and now runs three facilities (around 28.000 m2) employing more than 100 people.

Revolutionary solution

Jekko’s product range includes telescopic mini crawler cranes, articulated cranes on tracks, mini pickers and telescopic cranes on tracks with cab, of various dimensions and lifting capacities. The company also offers a wide range of attachments including hook or hydraulic jibs, grabber handlers for pipes and beams, vacuum lifters for glass panes as well as lifting beams.

The innovative machines are designed to operate both indoor and outdoor in areas which are difficult to access or characterised by uneven terrain, such as residential construction, renovation works, glass handling, industrial maintenance, mining, oil and gas industry, and many others.

“Jekko strongly believes in the importance of continuous innovation to be able to offer cutting-edge and safe products to its customers. For this purpose, we have established Jekko Innovation Centre (JIC) which is responsible not only for in-house research and development but also for external projects,” says Managing Director Diego Tomasella.

In line with its innovative focus, the company has recently launched a ground-breaking product – a new JF545 V-Max model, a revolutionary solution that improves on the versatility and multitasking characteristics of the company’s previous flagship, the JF545.

“JF545 V-Max is the new version of the JF545 articulated crawler crane, one of our best-selling models already known for its great versatility and many other strengths,” says Mr Tomasella. “The name “V-Max” speaks for itself, where V stands for versatility and Max for maximum. We believe that the JF545 V-Max has huge potential and that it will be a very catchy solution for both our established customers and new buyers. We’re already receiving many requests.”

The JF545 V-Max has a wide range of applications, from its traditional use in construction, industry, logistics and handling or laying in confined spaces to more innovative applications. It is a true multi-tool machine, extremely versatile, professional and suitable to be used with many different tools while still being user-friendly.

Mr. Tomasella points out that the new JF545 V-Max stands out in particular when used with a grapple saw applied in green-area maintenance. “We believe that our solution will bring a revolution in the tree care industry. Pruning and felling activities have always been risky for operators, using more than one machine at a time. The new JF545 V-Max with grapple saw allows the operator to cut, rest on the ground and sort the branches or trunks with a single tool.”

“The operator can remotely control both the crane and the grapple saw from a safe distance and with a broader view – a real turning point in terms of safety. Moreover, thanks to its compact dimensions, the machine has a good reach in extremely confined and narrow spaces getting as near as possible to the work area.”

Two decades of growth

With the new model the company aims to raise the bar of multi-tool and multitasking machines to the very top: thanks to an additional and independent hydraulic circuit, the jib of the JF545 V-Max fits an even wider range of tools. The product has already generated considerable interest in the United States and Canada as well as in Europe, including Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Finland, Norway, and many others.

Safety and versatility are not the only attributes that Jekko’s machines have to offer. In line with recent trends, environmental protection and sustainability play an increasing part in the design. “Our projects reflect the inclination towards ‘greener solutions’ such as battery-powered machines and electric engines,” affirms Mr Tomasella. “We decided to focus on lithium batteries: they perform better and last longer than standard batteries, and both customers and the environment can benefit from this solution.”

Speaking about recent market developments, he admits that the business has been affected by Covid-19, as customers’ behaviour changed towards more economical solutions, meaning that the company learned to be versatile, focusing on lean production and a faster response.

He affirms that at the beginning of 2021, the company stands strong. “In 2020 Jekko reached a double milestone: at the JDL exhibition in France, we delivered to our French dealer, ATN Platforms, our 2000th crane, exactly 20 years after the first mini crane prototype was designed. The 2000th unit was a new SPX650 model, one of the latest designs by Jekko, officially launched last July.”

The company is set to continue to invest in both R&D to develop new models to complement the product range and in its manufacturing capability. Right now, a new production line is being installed that will double capacity. To this end, staff numbers are planned to increase by about 5%.

In concluding, Mr Tomasella affirms that Jekko’s future looks promising: “Considering the forecast for the 2021 budget, we have a very good feeling for the next 18 months. Our vision is to grow the market that is searching for specific and “green” equipment such as the machines we already have in our product range.”

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