ipNX is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing Information and Communications Technology companies providing innovative, world-class services for homes and businesses.

ipNX has two decades of experience in the Nigerian ICT market, with fixed-wired (fibre) and fixed-wireless operations in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and Ibadan. The company currently provides a number of solutions to various industries and market segments using industry-leading technology, such as its very own Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) cable technology, as its core access network infrastructure and fixed wireless radio services (via licensed frequencies).

“Our rollout into the fibre optic infrastructure which started in 2012 was a paradigm shift for the business, and our flagship product FOS (Fibre Optic Service), a premium broadband service, was designed to be a major step forward in terms of the high-speed Internet and voice connectivity that we brought to Nigeria,” says Kenechi Eneh, Divisional CEO ipNX Retail, explaining that beyond core connectivity solutions the company also specialises in the delivery of complementary IT solutions to offer added value to industries and market segments.

While the company has developed fast, the first years were not easy, she points out. “At the beginning, we were faced with what I call a lack of proper consumer education. Having pioneered FTTH in Nigeria at the time when broadband connectivity was not commonplace, we were faced with a wide knowledge gap between the industry and consumers. It was not easy breaking into the market; a lot of education was required to even get access, to get consent from customers for us to be able to run cabling through to their premises, and securing the right-of-way approvals to get the deployment done was not a smooth process.”

The other challenge was the lack of standard infrastructure to support the fibre optic network, which has significantly impacted capital expenditure. On the other hand, human resources were a challenge that the company has managed to tackle quickly, said Ms Eneh. “We worked with a lot of organisations that have done this before outside Nigeria and implemented training programmes to secure knowledge transfer. We have always paid a lot of attention to the recruitment process, looking for people not only with the right skills but also the right attitude to uphold the company’s culture and values.”

Flagship product

The hard work has all paid off. Today, the company serves thousands of large and small business customers, operating more than 800km of cutting-edge fibre-optic cable infrastructure. ipNX is also a strategic and dependable service provider to the financial services sector, connecting all banks in Nigeria, the Central Bank, InterSwitch & NIBSS.

In line with its corporate vision of being Africa’s preferred communications and IT enabler, ipNX has recently launched a new flagship series, tagged ‘FOS Xtreme’. The FOS Xtreme flagship was introduced into the market with two service plans, Xtreme100 and Xtreme200, offering speeds of 100Mbps and 200Mbps respectively. This offering for homes and SMEs is the first of its kind in Nigeria, lending credence to ipNX’s reputation for being the industry’s pacesetter for technological innovation.

Kenechi Eneh said: “More speed means more power and more productivity for our customers to be able to work, create, learn and play online without any inhibitions. The FOS Xtreme promise is to deliver the fastest internet access speed obtainable at any given time in Nigeria.”

“We are at such a crucial time in history when productivity and output should not be affected by the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, thus as an innovative brand, we have invested in developing this novel series that will deliver the highest speed and quality of connection to subscribers.”

Awarded company

Ms Eneh pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic has made the case for a vibrant ICT stronger. “Successful businesses can turn a challenge into an opportunity, and this has been our Covid-19 experience. The pandemic has affected our operation but more importantly, it has highlighted the importance of a reliable Internet connection, especially at home. We have been able to maximise that opportunity while being emphatic with our customers. For example, we did waive some of the entry costs, and gave concessions to customers irrespective of their income bracket to make sure they have reliable access to internet services.”

In the middle of the pandemic, ipNX entered into a partnership with the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), which is set to fund two projects that will help deliver fast and reliable Internet to thousands of Nigerian households using U.S. technological solutions. Specifically, USTDA committed funding to a feasibility study to help ipNX Nigeria Limited expand its fibre-optic network to more than 200,000 residences in Lagos and other locations, including Abuja & Port Harcourt.

And that was not the last achievement in the difficult year of 2020. Months after a successful launch of its flagship series FOS Xtreme, ipNX has been adjudged Internet Service Provider and Broadband Service Provider of the year respectively by organisers of the 6th edition of the Nigeria Technology Awards.

Responding during the presentation of the awards, Kenechi Eneh said: “We dedicate these awards to all customers of ipNX. They are our pride, and they inspire us to be the innovative brand that we are today. We receive these awards with all humility while seeing it as a call to sustain our quality service offering to our customers, particularly at this critical time in history where reliable connectivity is a must-have for all, whether at home or the office. This award is indeed a testament to our continuous drive for leadership in the delivery of unrivalled Internet Services in the country.”

She affirmed that as one of the fastest-growing ICT companies in Nigeria, ipNX will continue to increase broadband penetration in Nigeria to ensure that within a target period, most Nigerians will have access to its fibre-optic broadband. In the medium term, the company is set to expand its footprint to other countries.

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