ProCon Wind Energy – Propelled by the Wind

ProCon Wind Energy, a recognised provider of electrical solutions & technical equipment to the global wind industry, is expanding its global footprint.

ProCon Wind Energy operates in a sector of the future – the renewables industry – capitalising on its years of experience in providing the entire electrical scope for wind turbines in high-quality and on-time competitive solutions, meeting the industry’s increasing requirements.

“ProCon Wind Energy provides custom-built electrical solutions and technical equipment to the global renewable industries with a speciality in the offshore and onshore wind industry as well as the solar industry,” says Thomas Padfield, ProCon’s Strategic Business & Brand Developer, summarising the business.

Although established as an independent company only in February 2019 as a result of a buy-out from a larger business, ProCon Wind Energy, through its business units Construction, Engineering and Service, draws on extensive experience gained over more than two decades and on an impressive track-record in major wind farm projects. “Under a new name, we serve the same clients and are set to expand both the client base and our markets,” affirms Thomas Dybro Larsen, Head of Construction. “With our impressive legacy and in-house competences, it is fair to say that ProCon is a market leader.”

The company offers specialist solutions covering design, engineering, pre-assembly, commissioning, installation (LV/MV/HV), inspection, consultancy, tests, service and maintenance within the electrical scope. Over the years the company has delivered solutions to more than 1400 transition pieces and jackets, accounting for around 25% of today’s installed offshore wind turbine foundations. Furthermore, ProCon Wind Energy has also worked on more than 850 wind turbine generators and substations and has worked offshore for over 500,000 hours.

Leading the market

Procon “We offer a 360-degree package, but the customer may pick any part from design to installation and maintenance, both onshore and offshore,” Mr Thomas Dybro Larsen points out. “Combined with our quality and on-time delivery, this is one of our competitive advantages. We are flexible, offering tailor-made solutions to meet the individual customer’s requirements.”

Thomas Padfield agrees: “The company DNA focuses on being the best on the market, decent in the way of doing business, streamlined to provide more effective solutions and flexibility so we can go where and provide what the customers require.”

Being a market leader in its sector, quality, health, safety and the environment are important aspects of ProCon Wind Energy’s business. Consequently, the company has a zero-incident culture, has obtained the international certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and is in the process of being certified for its work with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The number of successfully completed projects that bear ProCon’s hallmark is extensive. Recent achievements in Europe include the contract with Bladt Industries A/S for electrical installation, outfitting and tests on a total of 72 transition pieces for Vattenfall´s Danish Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm; or a new joint venture partnership agreement with CPower Energy, to offset any potential drawbacks of Brexit and to continue to provide flexible and high-quality electrical solutions as well as technical equipment to clients in the UK and elsewhere.

ProCon Wind Energy is also proud to participate in two prestigious projects that are currently under construction: the electrical construction of 80 transition pieces for Saint-Nazaire, the first French offshore wind farm; and the Nysater wind project in Sweden that is set to become one of the biggest onshore wind farms in Europe.

The company’s experts are also involved in the revolutionary ‘Get Up Safe’ (GUS) motion-compensated lifting system at Ørsted’s Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm. With the GUS system in place, technicians will be lifted and lowered directly between crew transfer vessel and the platform, meaning that external ladders are no longer necessary, streamlining the foundation and reducing steelwork requirements – boosting both safety and the potential for construction and through-life cost reductions. ProCon was awarded the commissioning of the system by Pict Offshore.

Global footprint

Although Europe remains the company’s key base, ProCon Wind Energy’s expertise is in demand further afield. This year, the company opened its office in Taipei, Taiwan, to support its current and future customers in the APAC region.

ProCon Wind Energy is currently finalising the design for the Changfang & Xidao project and is preparing for the local production in Taiwan while having already completed the electrical construction of the Taiwanese Project Yunlin for Smulders in Antwerp, including pre-assembly and outfitting work of 80 E-units and 40 transition pieces. “The Taiwanese projects are good examples of our ambition and our willingness to follow our customers,” says Thomas Padfield.

On the other side of the globe, in the US, the company has achieved yet another impressive milestone by entering the US offshore wind market with the Coastal Virginia project. “The US offers significant potential,” reflects Thomas Dybro Larsen, explaining that together with the APAC region, the US is a target territory where the company has established subsidiaries.

“After completing the electrical construction of the two first TPs for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Project, we have received several different enquiries for projects in the United States, so our presence there is of imminent importance. Following our establishment in the US, we look forward to embarking on the journey to help develop and get a stronger footing in this highly promising market.”

Future development

Given its aggressive growth, has the company encountered any challenges at all? “Lack of qualified manpower, which is why we train, educate and upgrade employees through ProCon’s approved academy and trusted external courses,” admits Thomas Padfield.

Acquiring & sustaining skilled manpower will be of particular importance given the company’s aggressive growth plans for years to come. ProCon is pushing not only for new offshore wind projects but plans to further expand its onshore solar and wind business. Consequently, the company has created ProConnected, a job and networking platform for technicians and electrical engineers.

“We plan to quadruple the size of the company over the next five years or so. Therefore, it is not only a question of hiring new people but also of ensuring their continuous development,” adds Thomas Dybro Larsen.

“Together with its partners, ProCon is electrifying renewable energy and contributing to sustainable development – including reduction of the carbon footprint and the levelized cost of energy. As a market leader, we will continue to do so for many years to come,” says Thomas Padfield, adding that ProCon Wind Energy has just signed contracts for the electrical construction of Kaskasi and Changfang & Xidao as well as the electrical design of Zong Neng, with many more in the pipeline.

With the wind energy sector predicted to grow by around 20% per annum in the next decade, the potential for ProCon’s solutions is considerable.  “Our company stands on robust foundations, we are highly adaptable, even to situations like the Covid-19 pandemic. Our growth projections are ambitious but reachable. We are here to stay, and our latest awarded projects support this,” concludes Thomas Padfield.

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