Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri & Armada Group – Leading to Promote Development

Dr Ahmed Al-Jibouri, one of Iraq’s prominent businessmen and investors, is applying his leadership qualities not only to promoting business growth but also to community development.

Starting his career as a regional manager, Dr Ahmed Al-Jibouri moved through several senior-level positions at various multi-national companies before establishing his own successful companies. Now a recognised authority in the oil and gas sector, he spoke to us about his professional journey, and what continues to drive him not only in the business environment but in the efforts to help find paths to success to others.

He admits that it was the love of his native Iraq that attracted him to pursue a career in the oil and gas sector in the first place. “Iraq is known to be wealthy, with oil & gas as its top natural resources, and these resources continue to be the future of my country and its generations that are yet to follow. I believe that efficient utilisation of oil & gas resources is the gateway to favourable opportunities that will boost and help the growth of the Iraqi economy. My passion is translated into the investment projects that I have worked on and that I am still planning to execute.”

Today Dr Ahmed Al-Jibouri manages several successful business entities but he insists that it is not just the management that promotes business growth; the core ingredient is people, committed and dedicated to contributing to sustained productivity, and operating in a healthy, collaborative workplace.

“I pledged to convey to my employees the lessons I learned, and to lead by example,” he says. “I readily offer my team all the support they need and continuously strive to make their values respected. I also ensure that the bridges I have built with my team always stand on a solid foundation and I intend to always encourage them to further grow and learn by sharing my personal and professional experiences with them. All of this motivates me to give more, as it is my utmost pleasure to be their coach, and not only their CEO.”

Business and social considerations

Dr Al-Jibouri’s values and philosophy are reflected in his companies. One of them is Armada, headquartered in Amman, Jordan – his second home – leading international engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) consultancy company in the oil, chemicals, and power sectors that has, over the years, witnessed substantial growth both on the domestic and international fronts.

Dr Al-Jibouri’s vision aimed to create a professional and modern company that has a global reach in the very competitive oil and chemicals manufacturing sector. Its key competencies include engineering, supplying chemicals, equipment, materials, construction for oil and gas fields and refineries in Iraq, in addition to oil field services and after-sales services. The group operates mainly in the following countries: Jordan, Iraq, UAE, and the USA but offers its services to clients around the world.

The company also develops comprehensive and complete power solutions for power generation, distribution, and transmission, with a focus on renewable energy. “Armada Group is committed to global renewable energy standards and goals,” says Dr Al-Jibouri. “To foster a better environment for future generations, we believe in reducing environmentally harmful and toxic emissions by producing clean and sustainable power that reduces CO2 emissions and minimizes reliance on conventional fossil-based fuels, such as oil and gas.”

To this end, Armada Group is involving in developing world-class knowledge and experience in renewable energy generation, especially photovoltaic solar energy and wind energy, through collaboration and joint-ventures with well-known and experienced international companies to take the lead in promoting and developing renewable energy power plants.

Social responsibility is also high on Armada Group’s agenda, as demonstrated recently by the conclusion of a collaboration agreement with Tkiyet Um Ali – an NGO that is well-known for voluntary and charitable work – to support its on-going programs and seasonal campaigns that aim to eradicate and combat hunger in Jordan.

“This initiative comes as one of the humanitarian actions that we continuously offer, and we do not expect anything in return other than generating happiness with the individuals who are fighting against hunger,” affirms Dr Al-Jibouri.

Creating pathways for new generations

He admits that it is rewarding to see the successful operation of his many businesses across diversified sectors in different countries paving the way to providing support where it is needed.

“Success is the result of hard work, and it enables me to implement charitable projects that give me the pride to bring joy to people’s lives through my continuous CSR initiatives towards underprivileged communities and other groups that benefit from additional support,” he points out.

One such initiative is linked to a concept that is spoken about with increased urgency – Artificial Intelligence, an area of great interest to Dr Al Jibouri for its capability to transform an organisation into an innovative, efficient and sustainable company of the future, as well as to bring benefits to the society as such.

Dr Al-Jibouri has recently launched the Tashjee Initiative, a programme designed to encourage and support students, innovators and educational institutions to develop the use and understanding of AI in the Middle East.

He explains that the Tashjee Initiative as a platform is aimed at helping young people cultivate their social, emotional and professional strengths, by supporting and encouraging their innovative ideas and turning them into reality. “This initiative is part of the sustainable development projects that we work on, since we regard our youth as being one of the most valuable investments, with the results of this project being long-lasting and affecting the overall economy.”

Inspirational leadership

“I hope to positively impact the generations and communities that are yet to come; especially youth, women and disadvantaged communities. I dream of being regarded as a role model for these individuals, and teach them that achieving their goals is more than possible, and they can be reached through commitment, dedication and hard work,” he reflects.

On the business front in the meantime, Dr Al-Jibouri’s hard work and dedication have resulted in yet another successful deal: his Jordan-based Oil Petroleum Products Storage & Logistics Company (PSC) (OPPL) has just signed the most strategic and exclusive agreement in Jordan’s history with Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC). This agreement aims to establish the Aqaba Storage Terminal for crude oil & petroleum derivatives (360,000 cubic-meter storage capacity), an exclusive terminal that will be the first of its kind in Jordan and the region, helping to boost the economy both locally and regionally.

This achievement is one of many in Dr Al-Jibouri’s business journey. “Seeing my companies as market leaders and being positioned at the top of the business world truly motivates me. These visions warm my heart, fuel my drive and inspire me to work harder on offering more value.”

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