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Morris Packaging is committed to reducing its impact on the planet by providing eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions.

The number of brands that require high-quality, printed flexible packaging, often made to their unique requirements, is continuously increasing. Illinois-based Morris Packaging has been answering this call.

With its focus on sustainable materials, reduced waste in food distribution, and responsible use of energy, Morris Packaging is leading the packaging industry, working one-on-one with clients to create eco-friendly packaging solutions with fast lead times. In addition to sustainable, flexible packaging solutions, the company offers inventory and logistics management, brand services, and warehousing to companies across an array of industries.

Headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois with locations in Plymouth, Minnesota and Jefferson City, Missouri, Morris Packaging is widely respected for its exceptional capabilities in laminating, printing, and converting. Speed to market, quality and the ability to think out of the box to find a solution for its customers have been just some of its competitive advantages.

Continued expansion of Morris Packaging Operations

The company was established in the summer of 2013, with a strong vision to provide a packaging style that reduces environmental impact. Ever since then, the business has grown fast, expanding its capabilities and moving into more diverse markets.

The first 30,000 sq. ft. production facility was completed in Jefferson City, Missouri, in 2014, and was gradually extended with new technology and additional lines each year. Last year, the facility underwent another major expansion to 120,000 sq. ft. and is preparing for another 70,000 sq. ft. of additional space in 2021. Morris Packaging today employs some 300 people in the U.S.

“The company was sustainability-driven before sustainability became a buzzword. Nobody wants green initiatives and sustainability more than I do, I can assure you,” says the company’s president and owner Jim Morris, a member of the Cherokee Nation. “My heritage speaks for itself in regard to that. We have the newest, most energy-efficient equipment with cutting-edge technology providing the efficiencies needed to become an industry leader.”

Morris Packaging has been awarded Safe Quality Food (SQF) 8.1 certification at both plants —the highest level in the SQF program. The certification comes from AIB International, a globally recognized standard for inspection where facilities must meet key requirements and prove that their products are wholesome and safe.

Commenting on the business’s achievements, Jim Morris says: “It’s important to note that through all of this growth and expansion, both in its facilities and in the size of the Morris Packaging team, the company has worked hard to always maintain itself as a first-in-class workplace as it strives to enhance the community it serves. Morris Packaging takes the opportunity to give back to its community and bring jobs to the area.”

Coming from a humble background with no obvious pathway to succeed, Jim Morris is grateful to be able to provide pathways to others – he is the major donor to the Morris Family Multicultural Student Center at Kansas State University.

Solid partnerships

 The Morris Packaging team uses its knowledge and technical experience to provide custom-tailored, high-barrier sealants, laminations and registered coatings, working within the customer’s budget to create the most cost-efficient option while optimizing the run rate, filling, pack-out, and shipping.

According to the company, some of its most popular choices include Quad Seal Pouches; Stand Up Pouches; Fold and Glued Bottom Bags; Flat Bottom Bags; Rollstock; and many more.

“The company’s flexible packaging covers almost any market need but has a strong footing particularly in the pet food and human food markets,” says Mr Morris. “Packaging is important to preserve the products, extend shelf lives and provide the highest integrity of the product, which is key especially now, in times of the global pandemic, and our solutions meet the market needs very well.

He reveals that the latest innovation coming from Morris Packaging is a new 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) pouch which is expected to become an instant hit with customers, helping them to meet their sustainability goals and reduce landfill occurrence with packaging each and every year.

“It is not only the products themselves that set the company apart from its competitors,” says Jim Morris. “We have a great sales team who pride themselves on excellent, personal relationships with customers. We also have short lead times, which is something that is much appreciated, as a result of really strong relationships with our suppliers, supporting a smooth value chain.”

Morris Packaging’s personal approach was succinctly summarized in a recent customer review: “The team at Morris Packaging is more than a supplier to us, they provide a partnership to our business. As a fast-moving company, we need suppliers that can match our pace and develop a close working partnership with us to make sure our products are always assembled, tested, packaged and dispatched to a high standard and sometimes with a very quick turnaround.”

The best supplier

To meet increasing demand, the company has recently accomplished another major investment project with the expansion of its plant in Plymouth, Minnesota, adding two 10-colour flexographic printing presses, and thus further enhancing eco-friendly production.

Morris Packaging is a plant that has zero waste and reclaims the print solvents, which are distilled and reused. The equipment and technology allow the presses to be free of natural gas usage, with oil-free compressors and economy-mode saving energy, eliminating hazardous waste and VOCs. All plant scrap is also recycled.

For its excellent performance in production, safety and quality the company received the Best Supplier Award by the Pet Sustainability Coalition. Morris Packaging was the first to be named Best-in-Packaging company by PSC.

“As packaging is so essential, we are noticing a rise in demand. We are expanding our technology accordingly and new machines will be purchased to support the business growth which we expect to be boosted by a revolutionary innovation that will be launched later this year. With this RevoPack development, we should be in the top 25 converters in 2021,” concludes Mr Morris.

Pull-out Quote:

“We have the newest, most energy-efficient equipment with cutting-edge technology providing the efficiencies needed to become an industry leader.”

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