Silaw opens an innovative “Hyperloop Technologies Department”

Supersonic capsules able to reach 1,200 kilometers per hour, new generation infrastructures, innovative technologies for the development of a new efficient and sustainable transport model in the Italian land. In the setting of Palazzo Bonora in Bologna Hyperloop Italia officially presented the “Hyperloop Technologies Department” opened by Silaw, the Advisor that has followed the arrival of this highly innovative start-up in Italy from the very beginning.

I am pleased that Italy is also witnessing the birth of a new industry related to Hyperloop technologies.  Silaw partners have been fundamental to Hyperloop’s arrival  in  the country. Their new department dedicated  to Hyperloop technologies will be able to help the entire new industry that is being created around our initiative”  – comments Bibop Gresta, President and CEO as well as founder of  Hyperloop  Italia – “Since the beginning of our landing in Italy their staff has provided professionalism in the tax and legal sector, and now their skills are being expanded with numerous new dedicated professional figures, in addition to the existing team. This will also be a reason for training new specializations on our technology. I hope that in the near future they will be able to transfer their experiences beyond national borders as well.” Hyperloop  “is a  supersonic capsule that moves in low-pressure tubes, with low energy consumption and totally powered by sustainable energy, capable of reaching a speed of 1200 km per hour, conceived and designed by the best specialists on the planet”- continues Bibop Gresta enthusiastically – “The evolution of land transport will take shape within this decade, and I am proud to think that my country will be among the first in the world to travel at supersonic speed, in a safe, efficient and sustainable transport system.”

Christian Lamonaca, International Tax Planner and  Founding Partner of  Silaw, follows new models of participation of investors and partners: “It is  a great satisfaction for us to announce the opening of a Hyperloop Technologies Department, which will pool the best resources to support the development activities of  Hyperloop  Italia. Important forms of collaboration with as many national and international industrial realities are now starting, our contribution is in the construction of legal and fiscal fundamentals for the establishment of legal entities able to develop the Hyperloop project in all its components, also in order to favor the activity of raising capital.”

According to Alberto Gava, lawyer, expert in Civil and Corporate Law and partner of Silaw,”a real change is taking place in the world of transport, a new way of thinking about the relationship between space and time takes shape. Hyperloop  is leading this transformation and we at Silaw have felt the obligation to support this project to better support all the choices that allow to apply new and revolutionary technologies in our country, following the paths provided by law and regulations but also proposing paradigms and innovative solutions“.

The new Department “will be a center for the aggregation of multidisciplinary skills” –  underlines Dario De  Blasi, lawyer expert in Administrative Law and partner of Silaw – “New technologies, especially when applied in key sectors such as infrastructure and transport, must be supported by continuous training and updating work in legal terms too. For this reason we have chosen the best professional resources to support this important project and others will be added. The  Hyperloop  Technologies Department will also be a study center for the development of legislative and regulatory proposals in the field of sustainable mobility, in support of the Green  Deal.”

The announcement was made during an important meeting held at Silaw’s  Bologna headquarters, in collaboration with Zefyro, a financial development company heads by Alessandro Tempera,  where Andrea  Minerdo,  Chief  Revenue Officer of  Hyperloop  Italia  and  Bibop Gresta  illustrated the details of the Hyperloop project for Italy to a concentrate audience of entrepreneurs and investors.

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