Goltens Worldwide – Solution-driven Partner

Goltens Worldwide is looking at new technologies to face the upcoming changes in the marine sector.

Over the 8 decades of its existence, Goltens has developed its reputation as a reliable and trusted partner focused on minimising asset downtime with highly efficient engine services, in-place machining solutions and environmental compliance retrofits.

Established during World War II by Norwegian Sigurd Golten, Goltens initially focused on engine repair services for ocean-going vessels from a single location in Brooklyn, New York.  Over the subsequent decades, Goltens continued to expand, executing the founders’ vision of establishing a world-wide organisation and network of specialised service stations. Recognising the applicability of its services outside its base marine business, Goltens has successfully diversified and now supports market leaders in the offshore and oil & gas sectors as well as land-based industrial and stationary power sectors.

“We are a company focused on providing specialised services and bespoke solutions to our customers, and are the only global independent repair specialist to offer owners, managers and OEMs all-inclusive worldwide service,” says Mr Sandeep Seth, President of Goltens Worldwide.

As an engine specialist, Goltens provides comprehensive mechanical and control services for a wide range of engines, turbines and related equipment.  In addition to routine maintenance services, restoration from major engine casualties is one of Goltens’ specialities.  Combining its cutting edge in-place machining capabilities with its engine services allows the company to eliminate the unnecessary downtime and expense associated with the disassembly, transportation and reinstallation of machinery.

Beyond its specialised mechanical capabilities, Goltens has also broadened its scope to provide non-invasive and cost-efficient engineering and design services to help customers comply with new environmental regulations and even provides turnkey fabrication and installation services for these compliance retrofits.

New vision

“Goltens is one of the leading independent providers of end-to-end-solutions that over 3,000 ship-owners, OEMs, shipyards, industrial plants and power stations rely on to organise, plan and perform their critical maintenance and emergency repair work.  I have enjoyed developing the business and I can see many opportunities for strategic growth and continued expansion of our offerings,” notes Mr Seth. “We are now formalising our vision for the next ten years and beyond. While continuing to be an engineering services company focused on mechanical service and repairs, we are also a leader in environmental compliance solutions.”

Although not from a marine background, Mr Seth has the extensive experience of nearly 20 years in the company, serving in positions of progressively increasing responsibility. He was responsible for business restructuring, re-organisation, diversification and development in various parts of the world including the Middle East and Asia, and also a member of a global team focused on diversification and business expansion to new locations prior to being appointed President in 2019.

He further notes: “The green focus is one of the core aspects of the Goltens’ business strategy. Goltens’ retrofit expertise is unmatched in the market. Leveraging a proven and repeatable process enables owners to confidently evaluate, design and install the most appropriate solutions to address the environmental regulations with minimal interruption to operations – by avoiding unnecessary downtime.”

The company’s track record of nearly a thousand ballast water treatment retrofit projects and sulphur emissions control retrofit projects completed or underway is impressive. Recent projects include two contracts signed in February 2019 with two major clients, NYK Bulk & Projects Carrier Ltd. (NBP), a subsidiary of NYK, Japan’s largest shipping company, and BW LPG, the owner and operator of the world’s largest fleet of Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs), to support the retrofit of 37 vessels with ballast water treatment systems.

While the scrubber retrofits have generally slowed down slightly, BWTS demand is buoyant, says Mr Seth, mentioning another significant contract that was awarded to Goltens Singapore by a well-known LNG shipowner to execute 3D scanning, design engineering, material supply & installation supervision on one of their vessels. The BWTS installation comprises one of the world’s largest ballast water treatment systems to be installed on-board a vessel to comply with IMO regulations.

New services

Mr Seth affirms that the company’s services towards its customers have continued despite COVID19. During the crisis, all work continued as planned in the company’s many locations in most global ports.

“Did the pandemic affect the business? Yes, of course, but not to an extent that would create a significant panic. We could not travel but we started providing services to international customers locally by exploring creative solutions. As opposed to travelling to the vessel, we were now waiting for the vessel to call at the port, and I am happy to say that we did not have to significantly reduce staff numbers even though the volumes went down initially. Needless to say, the safety of our workforce was paramount to us.”

Not surprisingly, it was the dedication of the workforce that carried the business through the crisis and Goltens values the expertise and the commitment of its people greatly. “Our people are our greatest asset, and their expertise is key. We provide training and development for our existing employees but hiring additional resources with specialised expertise is critical for new service development.  These technical and development gurus will ultimately transfer their specialised knowledge to our staff and technicians and allow us to be well equipped to meet the future requirements of a fast-evolving marketplace.”

He reflected that going forward, technology acceleration is expected in various forms such as the use of data or information technology, augmented reality with remote access, unmanned vessels and drones. “These trends were evident long before Covid-19 but the global pandemic has given this further momentum. And of course, green technology, in particular, will grow in importance.”

“All these new developments are reflected in our plans for further business development. Our focus will be on controls, specialised services, new technologies and greener engines to comply with increasing regulatory pressures to improve environmental sustainability by reducing emissions, better managing waste and leveraging alternative fuels.”

Digitisation, another concept that has become a buzzword today, is also being seriously considered and the company will be looking at analysing data to help companies improve their preventive maintenance.

“The technology around engines is going to change very rapidly now, with new alternative fuels coming fast. Over the next ten years, the technical developments and adaptations achieved will be far greater than those of the last seven decades,” says Mr Seth.  “By investing in the development of the new services and our resources, we will be ready for the changes, to continue to serve our customers promptly and reliably with the best expertise as Goltens has always done.”

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