Trio of Olympic champions launch values-driven coffee brand 5 Rings

Following Rio 2016 glory, gold medal cyclists Owain Doull, Callum Skinner and Philip Hindes bring sustainable and ethical ‘third wave’ coffee brand 5 Rings to the international market.

Rio 2016 Olympic champions Owain Doull, Callum Skinner and Philip Hindes have launched their values-driven coffee brand, 5 Rings. With the launch of 5 Rings, the British cycling trio have taken their passion for the drink to the international market with a focus on world-class and sustainably-sourced coffee.

5 Rings founders Owain Doull, Callum Skinner and Philip Hindes said: “The journey for 5 Rings began way back in 2012 when, as we developed a lasting friendship through our international travels in professional cycling, we would, without fail, go on the hunt for great coffee. In our cycling careers, we were fortunate to have reached the pinnacle of any athlete’s profession by becoming Olympic champions. We’ve also been fortunate to share many memories and stories which, we believe, coffee is all about. Coffee is so much more than a drink – it brings people together to socialise and discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of life.

“By launching our company today, we are aiming to contribute to the greater good of the coffee community, bringing world-class and sustainably-sourced coffee to the UK and international market. We are looking forward to starting this journey.”

Initially launching two single-origin roasts – named Blind Faith and Cali Crash following their own personal stories from their careers in professional cycling – 5 Rings will primarily be distributed directly to consumers via the company website: As part of its launch, 5 Rings will seek to grow its wholesale offering across other outlets across the UK and worldwide.

An integral component of the 5 Rings brand is the personal backstories of the two naturally processed single origin coffees to the Olympic and world-record-holding trio. Brazilian blend Blind Faith is a coffee with flavours of milk chocolate and date and is so-named after the cyclists’ post-Olympic gold medal celebrations at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Cali Crash, which has flavours of red cherry and brown sugar, attracted its name as a result of 5 Rings founder Owain Doull’s ill-fated Cali Track World Championships performance in Colombia in 2014.

5 Rings takes its ethical and environmental responsibility seriously. The brand pays a price which recognises the quality of the coffee and guarantees to cover the costs of production. 5 Rings uses a Loring “smokeless” roaster that produces up to 80% fewer greenhouse gases in every roast, compared to conventional roasters. Every single coffee bag is certified CO2-neutral and is 100% plastic and aluminium-free, ensuring the bags are easily recyclable. The postal bags are made from 100% recycled plastic and are also recyclable.

To discover more about 5 Rings, you can watch the launch film here.

About 5 Rings

At 5 Rings Coffee, we are passionate about two things: performing at our peak and finding that perfect cup of coffee. 5 Rings was created over a longstanding friendship which began in 2012, three young aspiring athletes on the national cycling team, all with the shared dream of becoming Olympic champions. During this journey, we have travelled all four corners of the globe. Without fail, the first thing we would do upon arriving was to begin our search for great coffee, with mixed success.

Since 2016 we have all taken different paths – new challenges, changing disciplines and continuing that Olympic dream. However, the pursuit of excellent coffee and our friendship remains. In 2020 we have finally come to the conclusion, why look for the perfect coffee when you can craft your own?

Our core values have been clear from the beginning: sustainability and perfection. We have committed to those values throughout the entire process from the farmers we work with to 100% recyclable packaging. We ensure that our product is world-class and sustainably sourced. Coffee is more than just a drink; we are compelled to share the very best with you.

Three Olympic champions with a passion for coffee. This is our new journey – join us for the ride.

About the Founders
5 rings coffee brand founders
Owain Doull
After winning a first Olympic gold and breaking the world record at Rio 2016 at just 23 years old, Owain made the transition across to professional road racing on the UCI World Tour. He currently competes for Team Ineos (formerly known as Team Sky). Outside of competitive sport, Owain is an ambassador for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Charity and has previously done public speaking for companies such as Vodafone and NatWest on the theme of Teamwork.

Callum Skinner
Callum is primarily known for his achievements in the Rio de Janeiro Velodrome where, at the 2016 Olympics, he claimed a gold and silver medal as well as an Olympic record. Since retiring in 2018, Callum has successfully built a career in Sports Marketing and continues to push for improving athlete rights. In recent years, Callum has been a prominent voice on anti-doping, featuring on CNN, BBC and delivering a speech on clean sport at the White House. Callum also sits on both the Team GB and UK Anti-Doping Athletes’ Commissions and is Lead Athlete at the athlete movement for positive change in sport, Global Athlete.

Philip Hindes
Born in Germany to a British father, double Olympic champion Phil started his sporting life as a rower before converting to track and representing the country of his birth. But a decision to follow his family to England and ride for the Great Britain Cycling Team paid dividends when he won team sprint gold at the 2012 London Olympics, aged only 19, and defended the title four years later at Rio 2016.

As a specialist in the man-one position in the team sprint event, by 2016 Hindes had established himself as arguably the best in the world in the explosive role. This is something he proved in the 2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships when his time of 17.030 for the opening 250-metre lap at the Lee Valley VeloPark in London was the fastest of the entire competition.

Phil is also a two-time Commonwealth Games silver medallist from the 2014 and 2018 Games. He is now attempting to secure a place at his third Olympic Games, which will be held in 2021 in Tokyo.


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