Tambour – Building Israel for Over 80 Years

Tambour teaches us that there’s more to paint than we ever suspected.

Tambour was founded in Israel in 1936 by a German family who had immigrated to Israel 12 years before its independence, they set up a paint company that would have a diverse range of markets. Tambour is owned by Kusto Group, a Singapore based diversified holding company, operating in the industrial sector across the world, owned by Yerkin Tatishev.

“We make a wide variety of paints and coatings starting from Decorative paints and renders for internal and external walls, we produce Special effects for walls, paints for wood, for metal, also high-quality industrial paints like protective coatings for Heavy-duty maintenance, paint for buildings and marine use, paint for road marking, Epoxy flooring, special paints for military use, Polyurethane paints for electronic cases and devices, electro-static powder paints for aluminium frames and metal, Etc.” explains the company’s current CEO, Micha Scharir. “We produce these products through our very rare, experienced Research and Development team that helps us to give solutions for all sorts of paint scenarios.”

This research & development amount to much more than simply mixing new colours or developing a shinier gloss.

“Tambour is also producing emulsions which is one of the most important raw materials for paints and adhesives and we’re the only company in Israel that’s doing it. It’s important to mention that most of our products are water-based with low VOC,” Scharir says. “As the leading construction materials producer company in Israel, we are committed to sustainability and improving the quality of life and the environment in which we and our families live.”

Far beyond simply giving you something to redo the bedroom walls with, Tambour’s products are invaluable, specialist, technical products for the industrial and construction sectors.

“In the last ten years, we have also built a much stronger position in construction materials. This has been one of our growth engines,” Scharir says. “in 2006 we purchased Gesher Gypsum which was by that time the only gypsum plaster producer in Israel, in 2010 we made a significant investment of approximately 50 million USD and established a new factory that started to produce gypsum plasterboards. In a short space of time, we succeed to gain a significant market share in Israel competing head-to-head with one of the world biggest names in this market.”

In this factory, we produce a wide range of high-quality gypsum boards for internal and external use.

Today the company is making a big investment, led by the Kusto group, in the south of Israel by building a new automated modern facility for the production of cemented and gypsum powders, which will produce plasters, adhesives, waterproofing, and other products for construction and rehabilitation. We are also investing in renewing our emulsions production facility.

Scharir tells us. “We aim to be a one-stop-shop for construction finishing in Israel. We have five production sites around Israel, in the south, in the east and the north of the country. We’ve approximately 750 employees in Israel”.

From the middle of 2018, we own also 100% of Zetagi (Veneziani) a well-known Italian company which is one of the biggest local players in industrial protective coatings, the company production site located in the north of Italy. We’ve purchased Zetagi as part of our plans to expand our activity worldwide.”

Wealth of Experience

Tambour’s operations are all built upon a firm foundation of years of experience.

“We have a lot of knowledge gained over the years, a lot of experience, drawn primarily from the communities we are living with,” says Scharir. “Within our Research and Development team, I can tell you we have something like 30 employees with more than 400 years’ experience between them in research and innovation.”

The ability this reservoir of experience gives Tambour the ability to offer a range of solutions to help its customers to take projects into a state of completion that other companies find hard to compete with.

“When you’re building and maintain you must have fast solutions and answers for planning, working and also sometimes for malfunctions and there we are giving our added value which is part of our high-level service, Scharir acknowledges. “You need people who are educated and experienced to deal with more complicated scenarios in special work environments like areas with extremely high or low temperatures, areas close to the sea or in the water, areas which meet complicated materials like strong acids, Etc. We can give them a solution that will save them time and money.”

Tambout labIt’s not just a question of chemistry and engineering. As well as developing innovative products, Tambour also invests in well-connected, efficient logistics and distribution channels to get their solutions where they need to be.

“When we’re supplying products 98% of the time they arrive by the deadline. If you order until 5 pm our SLA is to supply the morning after,” Scharir says.

“Tambour considered one of the strongest brands In Israel and considered as a generic name for painting and construction. When someone wants to become a retailer for construction materials and he wants that everyone will know what is the offering, he is asking us to put our sign and logo on the front of his store.”

Painting with People

Of course, none of Tambour’s products or the experience that goes into developing them would be possible without an expert team behind them.

“A lot of our staff have been working with paints and infrastructure materials for more than 20, 30, or 40 years with the company, holding all the knowledge they’ve gained working with those materials,” Scharir says. Of course, holding onto that experience as people age out of the workforce is another challenge.

“It’s hard to find people in Israel with knowledge in our areas so most of the time we’re training our own people,” Scharir explains.

“It’s a challenge,” Scharir admits. “We retain people partly through competitive salaries, although not always. We are also investing a lot in the welfare of our people, trying to make them feel that even though Tambour is a big company by Israeli standards we are trying to let them feel that they are part of one family and everyone is working together. This is the attitude. Sometimes we succeed more and sometimes we succeed less but it’s a part of our DNA and our agenda. We invest a lot of effort and resources in this family feeling.”

With that family on board, the future is looking bright for Tambour, as in 2019 the company passed $300 million in revenue. And as Scharir tells us, “We’re not stopping here.”

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