Wier’do Popcorn – Keep it up you Wierdo!

With only half of Brits eating their recommended five portions of fruit & vegetables a day, healthy snacks play a vital role in helping the nation make healthier choices.

Popcorn is one of the fastest-growing food products in the UK. Sales continue to climb, with British consumers munching through over £102m worth in 2019 alone, more than double the amount sold five years ago. Meanwhile, sales of its biggest rivals in the tasty snack market continue to decline as many of us switch to popcorn.

So what is behind this phenomenal success? Well, there are so many new gourmet flavours to try for starters, but perhaps the major driving force has been its reputation as a healthier alternative to that old British favourite – the potato crisp. Sales of the savoury snack are on a steady decline, although no-one at Walkers is paniclealrquite yet: popcorn sales are yet to get even close to the £2bn spent on a fried sliced potato!

But the question is… Is popcorn really a healthy snack? The answer surely is yes. In many ways, it is the perfect food. Popcorn is full of lots of A and B vitamins and minerals which are essential nutrients for our well-being. As an example, it contains more iron by weight than eggs or spinach. The Corn from which popcorn is made is also whole grain, so it is very high in fibre, which is good for our digestive systems.

So far so good. Popcorn is beginning to sound like a superfood. So what’s the catch? Well, the downside is the additives and flavourings which some manufacturers add to the corn. There is the salt, flavourings and other additives to make it taste even more irresistible.

What Wier’do pop leaves out is very important, but surely the crucial factor is what is put in.

Wier’do popcorn contains a “Seacret” ingredient (Seaweed). Combining this with freeze-dried fruit powders creating a real authentic sweet and salty flavour. Wier’do Popcorn will enter the market with two innovative flavours, traditional “Sweet san Salty and Swinging Salsa. Did you know Seaweeds has 10-time higher mineral content of plants grown on soils and have a wide range of trace elements and vitamins, and a low-calorie count.

Wier’do popcorn contains no added sugar or salt is gluten-free, vegan, less than 100 calories and freaking tasty!

And yes Wier’do is spelt a strange! Originally invented in the Netherlands those wierdo’s thought it was funny to use the word weed (wier) in their brand name! #seaweed! That is!!

Keep it up you Wierdo!

For more details please email hello@wierdopopcorn.com

Wierdo Popcorn is manufactured by Retrocorn Ltd, a gourmet popcorn brand founded by Greg Taylor in 2013. Today, Retrocorn is based in Witham, Essex, but it started life around Greg’s late nan Beryl’s kitchen table. Beryl was Greg’s biggest fan and Retrocorn’s Chief Taster.  Since then, Greg and his team has gone to produce popcorn products for some fantastic brands that are all vegan, gluten-free, natural, and proudly British. Wier’do popcorn was created in conjunction with two Dutch guys. Some say it’s a bit wierd, but we believe that a few years from now, Wierdo is the new normal. It will soon be available to buy in-store at leading retailers, supermarkets and online.



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