Binghatti Holding – From Buildings to Beverages

Binghatti Holding has a diverse spread of business interests, but the real magic happens in how they complement each other.

Binghatti Holding is an international investment holding company headquartered in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The company focuses on high growth potential projects in the real estate, hospitality, education, industrial, construction and FMCG sectors. The various branches of the business include Binghatti Developers, the real estate development branch of Binghatti Holding which operates throughout the UAE with a value of more than AED 3.5 billion and has 40 projects at various stages of progress. The company currently operates in several areas throughout Dubai including Business Bay, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Liwan, and Dubai Land Residence Complex, in addition to a mega commercial project in Abu Dhabi covering an area of a million square feet. The company has bold plans for expansion over the coming years, specifically focusing on the growth of its real estate portfolio in Dubai.

“Meanwhile, Binghatti Hospitality offers world-class hospitality management services throughout the MENA region. The company’s primary concentrations include food & beverages, hospitality, art curation, facilities management, sales, marketing & e-commerce, finance, revenue management, purchasing, human resources, and information technology services related to the hospitality industry. Binghatti Hospitality has become well known for its Cupagahwa and Aghatti café and restaurant brands in the UAE, and the company is planning to expand in the MENA region in the coming years.

Finally, there is Binghatti Beverages, the beverage manufacturing arm of Binghatti Holding. This branch of the company was established to provide world-class beverages that cater to the unique tastes of the MENA region. The company focuses on capitalising on the region’s growing FMCG industry by commercialising the traditional juice flavours specific to the Middle East.


Beverages, hospitality and property development. Three very different business sectors. However, the synchronicities between these businesses provide many opportunities for Binghatti as a whole.

“Binghatti Beverages and Binghatti Hospitality work in sync with each other on a daily operational function,” explains Muhammad Binghatti, the company’s CEO. “Binghatti Beverages distributes its products – Raubi Juices, BeastMode Energy Drinks, and Fruitastic Nectar Juices, as well as Raubi Milk which is used within our speciality dessert recipes. We sell our products such as BeastMode and Raubi Juices in Cupagahwa shelves. We have positive sales of our beverage products through our hospitality division.”

While Binghatti Holding is a company that has built its success on diversity and has businesses in wildly different markets and industries, Binghatti himself is the first to acknowledge that there are some qualities that run right through the business’s DNA in every sector.

“Binghatti Holding has ensured our divisions are in sync with our common business practices. As our company evolves, our culture has changed along with this,” he tells us. “As a company,

we want to see tangible results in the monthly balance sheet. Ensuring our products and services meet the high expectations of our customers.

The subsidiaries within Binghatti Holding work closely ensuring targets are defined and met. We enthusiastically promote new policies promoting practices that aim to adjust the company culture, making it clear that we are willing to listen to the feedback that is given by our employees. We have a swift entrepreneurial approach, which is dynamic in getting things done on the spot, we hire the best employees to work within our divisions, enabling us to have our own in-house resources, working with very learned teams to achieve what other companies might not, avoiding out-sourced services.”

Every division of the company has the same shared goals and values. They are working to provide value for money against high-quality products and services to the company’s stakeholders in housing, dining, construction and building solutions, and doing it in an extraordinarily short period of time by using creative design and entrepreneurial business practices.

Diverse Investments

Recently multiple sectors of the company have combined in a massive project at the Khalifa Industrial Zone, or KIZAD as it’s known.

“The company recently invested more than AED 500 million in kizad, Abu Dhabi state-of-the-art production facility equipped with state-of-the-art Tetra Pak filling and packaging lines,” Binghatti explain. “The facility sits on a plot of approximately 1 million square feet and currently produces the Binghatti Beverages’ signature brand, Raubi of London, BeastMode Energy Drink, Fruitastic Nectar Juices, Raubi Milk, and Frutto.”

It’s a project that ably demonstrates the ways that Binghatti Developers and Binghatti Beverages can support one another. It’s the sort of synchronicity that Binghatti Holding is built on.

This plant is just one project that Binghatti Developers has in the pipeline, however Muhammad Binghatti is keen to talk about the other projects they have in progress.

“Currently Binghatti Developers are focusing on three of its major projects – Binghatti Millennium Residences, located in Business Bay, looking to complete in 2020, Binghatti Gateway, located in Al Jaddaf, looking to be completed in 2021, Binghatti Avenue, located in Al Jaddaf, looking to be completed in 2021 covering an overall built-up area of 3 million square feet,” he says.

Binghatti Holding is a great demonstration of the fact that businesses don’t have to choose between being a jack of all trades or a master of one. It’s possible to specialise in different directions at once and doing this allows you to discover synergies that might not have been available otherwise.

It’s a strategy that Binghatti Holding is hoping to take the company forward into the future, particularly within the food and drink sector.

“Binghatti Holdings envisions creating one of the largest home-grown food and beverage portfolios in the UAE. Integrating technology into our trendy Real-Estate division. Providing value for money alternatives, in having Healthy FMCG,” Binghatti says. “We have a state-of-the-art production facility that is capable of producing 100 million cases per year. We were recently awarded by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, as the ‘Best Food Establishment’ 2019.”



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