Open Zeloop, close the loop!

An innovative new app has been launched to help the plastic packaging industry close the loop.

Zeloop has been developed by Eric Schaffner and his team to revolutionise the way we recycle plastic bottles. An eco-friendly platform that makes consumers a crucial part of the plastic circular economy, Zeloop allows them to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and be rewarded for it.

Major global plastics manufactures like RETAL have already had their heads turned by Zeloop, with more and more major players in the plastic packaging industry appreciating their role in supporting a circular economy.

Eric Schaffner, CEO and founder, says, “If bottles were made of gold, nobody would litter them in nature. Our goal is to create additional value to the plastic waste so it won’t leak to nature while making the gesture of recycling fun and cool.”

Zeloop has been developed with inspiration from the problem that ‘Planet Earth, our home, is suffering. And one of the main reasons is the misuse of plastic. The issue is not plastic as a material but the ways in which we use it and most importantly, how we dispose it off.’

Schaffner says, “We at ZeLoop are on a mission to bring together every individual on Earth in a mutual effort to reduce plastic littering and bring a significant impact in the health of our world, the nature and our fellow beings. This is only possible with a new mindset and an improved behaviour. And we believe that everyone can contribute to this change.The ultimate goal that ZeLoop works towards is to become the main driver for consumers to act differently that will one-day make the Earth plastic litter free.”

The Zeloop app encourages people to ‘Gather used plastic bottles. Drop them at collection centers for recycling. Upload a picture of deposited bottles on the app. Win tokens to get exciting rewards!’

Zeloop’s goal

Recycling is Zeloop’s goal, a start-up that is currently developing an application which should be operational by the end of the year in France after a test phase carried out in Dubai during the spring. This gaming application will contribute to recycle plastic bottles by bringing them to a collection point and will reward users of the applications. ZELOOP will also own a forum where user tips to contribute to the circular economy could be shared. The more users collect and contribute to the community, the more they earn rewards.

ZeLoop provides the missing link from the moment plastic bottle is used and discarded and point where this product can be treated for a new life. It gives the possibility to engage, educate consumers towards a true circular economy in a trustable and reliable ecosystem supported by blockchain.

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