Yapster releases a free COVID-19 guidance and reporting app

Yapster has released a free COVID-19 guidance and reporting app 

Mobile messaging app Yapster has just developed COVID-19 Manager, a new feature which collates information on the coronavirus outbreak from various government bodies and hosts it on one easy-to-use Yapster app. It also includes guidance from UKHospitality developed specifically for hospitality businesses. Now, organisations will be able to provide their employees with relevant and up-to-date information.

COVID-19 Manager is now available on Yapster’s dedicated applications tab. For UKHospitality members that are not currently Yapster customers, an exclusive microsite is also available. All information contained in the resource is time-stamped and timely and has been obtained from reliable sources including UKHospitality, Public Health for England, NHS and Acas.

Various guidance sources have been incorporated into the form. When a user arrives on the landing page, they are provided with a selection of options such as ‘I think I have been exposed to the virus’, ‘What are the symptoms?’ and ‘How do I self isolate?’. These will guide users to various resources including information and reporting mechanisms. However, Yapster and UKHospitality advise users not to take this information as a substitute for formal medical advice.

“If health and safety are at risk, it is absolutely vital that businesses and consumers have all the information they need at their fingertips,” said Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality. “We have worked with Yapster to make sure the platform has the latest UKHospitality advice available at a moment’s notice.” 

“Few sectors are more dynamic than hospitality,” said Rob Liddiard, Co-founder and CEO of Yapster. “That’s why every time an operator responds to consumer change we need to match their agility in terms of product innovation. We didn’t anticipate using that agility for the purpose of crisis response, but in unfortunate circumstances, this felt like an opportunity to do something in a small way for the benefit of public health. It’s also a testament to the incredible dynamism of the hospitality sector. What other “low skill workforce” can create a public health app overnight?”

About Yapster 

Yapster is a secure, all-company instant messaging app for organisations with frontline (desk-less) teams, enabling 1-1 and group conversations and company-wide social sharing.

Behind the simple, intuitive UI we have built a wealth of features and functionality to meet the needs of desk-less organisations.

It’s this, combined with our ability to integrate with, and broaden access to, other core systems which means that you can use Yapster to engage your entire workforce, from frontline to HQ; grow sales by embedding practices that drive commercial performance, and; optimise your frontline and people operations and reduce costs. We also help you to keep your staff safe, maintain control of your data, and stay GDPR compliant.

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