Nightingale’s advanced blood-testing for consumers

The new consumer service, My Nightingale blood test and app, delivers advanced blood analysis results that predict chronic disease risk and help people prevent them by making lifestyle changes. As a part of the end-to-end consumer experience, the company also opened Nightingale Nest, its first blood-drawing location in Helsinki.

Finland’s Nightingale Health, an innovator in blood-testing technology, today welcomed the first customers of My Nightingale in Helsinki. My Nightingale is an advanced blood-testing service for individuals, which predicts the risk of chronic diseases up to 10 years in advance and helps people prevent illnesses by showing how a person’s lifestyle affects their long-term health. As part of the service, the company also opened Nightingale Nest Helsinki, their first blood-drawing location.

The My Nightingale blood test and app was launched two months ago, in November 2019, when the company also began its pre-sales in Finland. The bigger vision behind the product is to solve the global chronic diseases crisis by giving the power of active prevention in everyone’s hands.

Prevention in people’s pocket

From a single blood sample, the My Nightingale app provides a three-tier understanding of a person’s metabolic health.

At the top level is the Nightingale Health Index––a powerful metric developed by Nightingale that provides an overview of the person’s health by summarising vital health indicator results into one score.

At the second level are different health indicators––heart age, diabetes resistance, blood sugar, inflammation, fatty acid balance and cholesterol balance. These connect a person’s health to their daily life. With follow-up tests, the indicators provide trend results that show how a person’s lifestyle choices (such as diet, physical activity, sleep, stress) affect their body.

Lastly, the nearly 20 biomarker results that are provided reflect even the smallest changes in one’s health, help a person understand the deepest aspects of their long-term wellbeing.

Long term health at every step  

My Nightingale is the company’s first step to resolve the global chronic disease crisis that kills millions every year. Using its advanced technology, Nightingale vision is to make prevention with blood-testing easy and accessible to everyone.

The company, therefore, provides an end-to-end service that is changing the blood-testing experience and turning it into a conventional tool to keep a tab on an individual’s health.

“Abolishing chronic diseases demands democratising preventive health. Nightingale therefore wants to give people the best possible tools to take care of their health. Our mission is to build a health-creation system enabling a preventive health journey for everyone,” says Teemu Suna, Founder and CEO of Nightingale Health.

Nightingale Nest is therefore a crucial part of the customer experience which make blood test and follow-ups rewarding.

Based on solid science and technology

My Nightingale is a product of the company’s vast experience in advanced blood analysis for research that has fuelled numerous breakthroughs in medical science in the last ten years. The technology has been used to publish more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific articles in the world’s leading biomedical journals that connects the blood test to better prediction of chronic diseases and the effects of lifestyle interventions on them.

With regulatory approvals in Europe for healthcare use, the company is now bringing the benefits of this advanced blood-test and scientific knowledge to individuals. Their mission is to create a new health-creation system that can abolish chronic diseases with early prediction and active prevention.

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