IES Global – Exporting Nigerian Engineering Globally

IES Global’s cost-effective, client focus approach has been a huge success in Nigeria, and beyond.

IES Global provide their clients with engineering expertise that will take them all the way through a project’s lifestyle, from the earliest feasibility studies and scope documents, through to the first design conceptualisations and even the construction management and post-construction evaluation. The company’s objective to offer integrated, client-driven consulting engineering and design solutions that will aid companies in achieving a competitive market edge.

“IES Global was founded in Nigeria in 1990. We started as a specialist, multidisciplinary, energy services company that provides integrated, client-focused and cost-effective services in the oil and gas industry,” explains Dr Diran Fawibe, the company’s founder and CEO. “I started organising workshops, seminars and conferences and it was very interesting for me because I discovered people aren’t well informed and that came through in conferences and showed me that there was an opportunity to get information to the private sector and public sector.”
The company has grown to a leading position in providing services to the oil and gas sector because their clients have come to value the company’s approach to quality, cost-effective services, teamwork and an unswerving commitment to client satisfaction.

“By 2007 we were supplying designs for pipelines, platforms and onshore and offshore projects,” Fawibe says. “Once we had built up a great deal of experience in Nigeria we began expanding through ventures with other countries. We moved into Ghana to start with, and we’ve been in Ghana now for three years, from there we went to Liberia, which we’re about to develop, and we’ve also begun working in Mozambique to explore the opportunities there, and we’ve found a developer to work within Equatorial Guinea and Angola.”

IES Global’s vast experience within the oil and gas industry means they are able to offer a unique range of professional services that meet the demands on the industry.
“We have the developed a very strong offering,” Fawibe says. “We’ve developed some very successful projects in Nigeria and it has instilled in us with confidence to export our services to other countries. We have a wealth of experience, offer extremely high levels of service, and have the ability to work across international boundaries within the policies of the country.”
Working Internationally

Of course, working across so many different international boundaries, with their own regulatory environments and cultures, brings its own challenges with it.
“When you go overseas to work, there are the usual challenges of working in a different culture,” Fawibe admits. “You are a foreign company and you will be recognised as that, so we try to make our company work seamlessly with the national identity of the country. We give local people shares in the company; we work with the emphasis many countries have on local content these days. Our brand name is trusted internationally which makes it much easier.”

Another challenge that IES Global can face is that, as a Nigerian company that can draw on that country’s vast engineering talent pool, it can be hard to recruit matching levels of talent elsewhere.
“Because of different levels of local development, you don’t always have the same level of expertise as we have in Nigeria,” Fawibe says. “That means we need to use the training expertise we have to train local engineers.”

A Global Talent Pool
IES Global has put together a highly qualified team of skilled, well-trained engineers and other professionals with global experience and capabilities that enable them to offer practical solutions to complex problems at every stage of an oil and gas engineering project.

Within Nigeria, IES Global is able to do this thanks to the strong relationships they have built up with local institutions.
“In Nigeria, it is very easy to recruit new talent because we use local educational institutions. We use our website to attract potential recruits and then we tend to choose those who are able to work within the company culture,” Fawibe explains. “In addition to agencies we use to recruit for specialised positions, we also subscribe to national recruitment websites.”
When IES Global is operating abroad, however, they have adopted new strategies, and it’s often a question of “Who you know”.

“Recruiting in other countries we can’t use the same methods as we have in Nigeria, we have to use local professional networks and connections with local people,” Fawibe points out. “We also use our shareholders in these countries can direct us to people we can use, as well as working with professional organisations to attract very competent people.”

A Robust Future
With this wealth of talent and experience behind them, Fawibe is extremely optimistic about the future of IES Global.
“We have a very robust plan for development in the near future not only for Nigeria but also our other countries,” he says. “We try to analyse the opportunities in the industry. So, we see a very bright future for the company. The company is one of the leading Nigerian companies, and we have developed partnerships with companies across other countries who are coming to us with their plans. The Nigerian economy and gas industry are now opening up, we are looking forward to a lot of opportunities and it’s the same in other countries.”

To make the most of these opportunities, IES Global will continue to adhere to its guiding mission to continue to offer excellent quality of service and operate the business in an efficient, enterprising, safe and innovative manner. IES Global will create value for its shareholders, clients and employees.

“We believe that if we offer quality service to our clients and demonstrate our skill that will speak for itself,” Fawibe says simply. “We pride ourselves in the quality of what we do. We are a company established to last. We have a sense of direction and purpose for the future. With that kind of approach and attitude, we know that IES will be here for many years.”

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