The Right Trousers to Display At Bot-Talks

The team behind The Right Trousers, which develops intelligent, soft robotic clothing to help older people and people with disabilities live more independently, will be showing its wares at Bot-Talks, an open event to be held in Bristol on Wednesday 20th November for SMEs, and organised by Bristol robotics online platform, Bot-Hive.

Soft robotics has a different focus than conventional robotics. Wearable soft robotics are new compliant active materials and structures that work in harmony with the human body. Artificial muscles, made from smart materials, replace motors and can bend, twist, or contract, when electrically stimulated. The idea is to restore mobility and physical functionality.

The soft robotic clothing, or second skin, is designed to help vulnerable people avoid falls by supporting them whilst walking. It also gives them added bionic strength to move between sitting and standing positions, and help people climb stairs.

The Right Trousers is one of many leading robotics companies and industry projects which will be at Bot-Talks.

Some of Europe’s leading experts on robotics will descend on The Watershed, on 20th November as Bot-Hive holds its first-ever Bot-Talks.

Created to provide SMEs with a best-in-class overview of robotics and automation, Bot-Talks consists of presentations from leading industry experts, a panel discussion and a networking hall filled with robot demonstrations.

Bot-Hive CEO Jacques Bonfrer will open an afternoon of talks, with the following line-up: Mike Wilson, Chairman of British Association of Robotics & Automation, on the state of UK robotics; Kate Hyslop, Head of Marketing of Automata, on democratising robotics; Jim Davison, Regional Director of Make UK on robotics in manufacturing; Professor Tony Pipe, Deputy Director of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, on autonomous vehicles; and, Karl Foster, Head of Technology at Blake Morgan, on robotics and ethics.

This will be followed by a panel discussion between: Farid Dailami, Associate Professor
of the Research Innovation Facility Bristol; Dominic Keen, CEO of Britbots; Dr Susanne Bieller, General Secretary of the International Federation of Robotics; Paul Grantham, Manufacturing Lead at Natwest; and Ashu Sharma, Robotics Expert, PwC Consulting.

Bot-Hive CEO Jacques Bonfrer said: “This is a superb opportunity to hear some of the leading lights in the robotics sector talk about the state of play as regards UK industry and automation, where we currently are and what is coming up in the future. UK industry has to automate in order to become competitive within the global market and SMEs need someone to look to for guidance and leadership in these difficult times. I hope that Bot-Talks will play a part in this process.”

Bot-Hive is a startup funded by Britbots and the Startup Funding Club, and based in The Robotics Laboratory, part of The University of the West of England. It is on a mission to help UK industry with its productivity problems.

Bot-Talks takes place on Wednesday 20th November at The Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX.

It starts between 1.30pm and 1.45pm, with the conference taking place between 2pm-5pm, and networking and demonstrations between 5.30pm and 8pm.

SMEs and other interested parties are welcome to attend the event and should register here