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Business Focus Magazine is a publication for a rapidly changing world. Businesses face constantly shifting challenges, whether it’s an issue that will only impact your own small market niche, or globe-spanning macroeconomic and environmental changes. That is why at Business Focus Magazine we talk to the people who matter, the executives, innovators and entrepreneurs who face those challenges head on.

This is what makes Business Focus Magazine a leading source of business and industry specific news for C-level executives around the world. When there is a breaking story in the business world we go right to the people who are making the news, providing in-depth coverage and expert opinions. We do this while keeping you up to date with the latest advertising opportunities, corporate profiles and trade shows through our magazine, website and weekly newsletters.

Through Business Focus Magazine our executive readership have access to all the latest financial news, advances in business technology and marketing 2.0 strategies while introducing you to the knowledge of business leaders from every market sector and part of the world.


Business Focus is a brand of the CEO Media Group, one of UK’s fastest growing independently-owned media businesses. We have a diverse portfolio of territory specific publications to our name, in print and online and a history of talking to industry leaders at the tops of their fields.

From our head quarters in Norwich, England, with international branches around the world, we are driving high quality content across multiple platforms to deliver the best in business to business publications.